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Account Manager

An account manager is a vitally important position in a company, responsible for managing relationships with clients. Other than managing the daily running of a given account, account managers are the company’s representative to the client themselves, tasked with ensuring that the client’s needs are understood, planned for, and ultimately met, resulting in the generation of sales for the company. Account managers achieve this by utilizing their interpersonal skills, project management, and organizational ability.

Below, Links Recruitment will take you through a comprehensive account manager job description. If you’re interested in becoming an account manager, you’ll be able to discover what it’s like to work in the role, what kind of account manager salary you can expect, as well as the various paths your career could take. For companies looking to hire an account manager, you’ll learn which attributes are the most important ones to look out for, helping you to make your hiring process more efficient and ultimately more successful.

What Is Working as an Account Manager Like?

As an account manager, you’ll be working in close contact with the client or clients you’re assigned to. You’ll also liaise closely with upper management in your own company, acting as the interface between the client and the firm you work for in order to ensure that goals are met and exceeded on both sides of the relationship. 

These are some typical duties and responsibilities you’ll find yourself carrying out in the capacity of an account manager:

  • Coordinating operations with other departments working on the same account, e.g. sales, marketing, and HR
  • Composing plans and strategies for helping the client achieve their goals 
  • Acting as the mediator and managing the situation in the case of any conflicts with clients
  • Overseeing workable budgets between the client and your company
  • Generating sales for the accounts you work with
  • Representing the company’s scope and ability to the client
  • Maintaining a close relationship with the client, and identifying potential for new sales opportunities
  • Negotiating the terms of any new arrangements in your company’s business relationship with the client
  • Managing a portfolio of different clients without neglecting any of their needs
Job Duties

An account manager is a versatile, challenging position, for which you’ll need some specific skills and attributes in order to succeed.

  • Many account managers hold degrees in business, communications, or a related field, while many also have a background in marketing and media studies
  • The ability to function in a number of different environments, since travel often plays an important role in an account manager’s career
  • Excellent interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills are required, as you’ll need to be able to build up and maintain solid, long-term relationships
  • Problem-solving abilities are crucially important to the position, as in the case of any conflicts or other issues it’ll fall to the account manager to help resolve the difficulty
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Once you’ve graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, or marketing, you’ll likely need to spend between at least two to five years in an entry-level sales or customer service position, although the amount of time will vary depending on your level of performance. This is an important step along the path, as it will present you with the opportunity to sharpen and refine your interpersonal and communication skills, as well as giving you a taste for the kinds of problems you’re likely to encounter while working as an account manager.  Once you begin working as an account manager, it’s possible to improve your credentials even further by completing account management-specific courses in various institutions. 

Upward mobility is possible from an account management position. If you prove to be an effective account manager, you’ll be able to become an account director, which is essentially a management position during the course of which you’ll oversee other account managers and their own operations. Eventually, you may even be able to rise to the level of a director of account services as a whole, which is a top-level position that requires managing an entire account management department.

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Account managers typically have several years of experience, with higher salaries available to more experienced managers who have shown themselves to be proficient in the role. Here’s what an account manager salary will look like in different locations:

Position No. of Year Experience Hong Kong Monthly Salary (HKD) Singapore Monthly Salary (SGD) China Monthly Salary (RMB)
Experienced Account Manager 10-19 42k-60k 7k-9k 21k-40k
Mid-Career Account Manager 5-9 30k-40k 4k-6k 10k-20k

You can find more information about current salaries, salary trends in 2020, and more in Links International’s salary guide

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