2020 Legislation Updates & Stimulus Measures Comparison Chart

Simplifying Labour Laws in Asia-Pacific for Businesses

2020 Asia Labour Law Comparison Chart Download

Are you looking for a quick comparison between labour laws in Asia-Pacific countries? As part of our mid-year update, we have created a labour law comparison chart to look into the latest legislation changes in APAC.

For over 20 years, Links International has been making the lives of business leaders easier. As Covid-19 has gripped the world, governments are introducing schemes to cushion the economic impacts.

Did you know that over 140,000 employers in Singapore are receiving subsidies from the Job Support Scheme (JSS)? Or that 1.5 million employees are benefitting from Hong Kong’s Employment Support Scheme (ESS)?  

Due to the importance of the unprecedented situation, we have produced a bonus a COVID-19 Relief Schemes Overview Table so you won’t miss out on relevant subsidies that can benefit your business.

Quick Overview of the Most Up to Date Legislation

Get a quick overview of the latest updates in Asia-Pacific countries with our easy-to-read legislation summary. We will cover:

  • Minimum Wages
  • Working Hours
  • Probation & Notice Period
  • Compulsory Employment Insurance
  • Statutory Leave

Compare legislation across the Asia-Pacific region at a glance and get up to date with all the changes in each country. Improve your knowledge on local rules and regulations so you are never caught out by non-compliance.

Improve Business Efficiency by Streamlining Your Payroll

Keeping up to date with the latest labour law can be a long and strenuous task, especially for businesses with regional operations.

Streamline your payroll and simplify your business operations. Choose to outsource your payroll to professionals, then focus your attention on growing your business. Allow the experienced professionals to keep you current with labour laws and never worry about not complying with protocols. Instantly improve company efficiency and optimise the use of resources.

Contact us now to learn more about legislation updates and our HR Outsourcing services!

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