2020 Talent Strategy: 6 Roles to Taming Digital Transformation

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2020 Talent Strategy: 6 Roles to Taming Digital Transformation

Digital disruption was of all the hype in the last few years. The blow-up of IoT (internet of things), A.I., and blockchain threw businesses off balance, with many, scrambling to master these new technologies. Now in 2020, we’re finally seeing these efforts realised with the emergence of 6 new roles in the market. 

According to Scott Snyder, co-author of the book, Goliath’s Revenge: How Established Companies Turn the Tables on Digital Disruptors, these are the 6 emerging roles instrumental to a businesses’ success in the age of digital disruption.

Product Incubation Managers

Helping propel and realise projects in their infancy, businesses will need people with strong project management skills and an understanding of the unique triggers in this digital generation.

Behaviour Scientists

Talent with a professional understanding of behaviours and habits. Combining expertise in neuroscience and behavioural economics as well as real-life experience to shift behaviours, bringing about desired results. 

Journey Mappers

Generating business change through constructing personalised user journeys, companies need to rely on talent with a scientific approach, able of curating careful touchpoints that generate measurable results.

Business Modellers

Ensuring the business model can keep up to growth ambitions and is sustainable in this rapidly changing environment, there will be a need for business modellers who can develop and rigorously experiment business models suitable for adoption.

Solution Finders

Accelerating innovation, businesses will find the need to solution finders whose role will be to cultivate innovation networks.  Through partnerships and networks, businesses can more easily form solutions inspired by untried inventions to meet defined needs.

Emerging Technology Specialists

The challenge does not end at technology adoption. There will be a need for “Translators” with an advanced understanding in areas like AI, blockchain, IoT (internet of things), and other emerging technologies. Their key role will be in breaking down information into digestible insights for the non-tech person.

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Doubling Down on Talent in the Face of Digital Disruption

Tech start-ups have shaken up many corporations with their fast-moving and innovative approach. But according to Snyder, despite all the heat, this is the perfect opportunity for major corporations so long as they evaluate their strengths and reset their methods.

While start-ups reinvent the playbook, it is up to large corporations to observe, learn, and adapt to this new era of digital transformation

Digital Transformation - Disney+ challenging streaming services
Anthony Quintano/ flickr

Disney is a great example of how corporations are re-establishing their grounds. Fighting back against digital streaming companies, Disney+ is putting Disney in a favoured position with its extensive collection of films.

What’s crucial in the face of digital disruption will be in companies’ ability to adapt to the new market demands and to the new normal. More than rushing to adopt the latest technology, companies are better served in finding the sweet spot between talent and technology. 

A big part of the challenge will be in having the right talent strategy, one that’ll allow corporations to mobilise their resources, aptly responding to the evolving needs of the market. 

Cultivating a Strong Talent Ecosystem

Given the current scarcity in some of these profiles, companies will need to restructure their approach towards securing the right people.

The key to attaining sustainable growth will be in building a strong talent ecosystem. From the point of talent acquisition, this will mean a healthy balance of internal talent development coupled with external staffing. 

By arming the company with fresh digital talent and a strong internal understanding of emerging technologies, companies put themselves in a better place to innovate.

3 Key Takeaways -Links Recruitment
Taming Digital Transformation

Cultivating a Strong Foundation of Knowledge

With the rapid rise of new technologies, talent scarcity is inevitable. To avoid trailing behind, companies will need to consistently educate and equip their people with an awareness of the latest innovations. More importantly, they will need to build a culture of open-mindedness, encouraging the adoption of new approaches.

Nurture a Culture of Talent Loyalty

Attracting and retaining the best talent in the market relies heavily on a good employer branding. Arm your organisation for the long run by putting your people first.

Using External Talent to Invigorate New Inventions

A strong base is not enough, as people can grow complacent. External talent acquisition is not only an immediate solution to a need, but also a great way to introducing friendly competition to the organisation, strengthening the team.

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