4 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Are You Combating Factors That Can Affect Employee Engagement?

In our last article, we talked about the factors that can impact an employee’s engagement levels at work (Read here). If business leaders do not manage the situation properly, the company’s atmosphere can be very negative and morale will be low. Here are 4 ways business leaders and managers can engage workers and improve employee experience:

Being a Good Leader is All About Active Communication & Being Personal!

Creating a company culture that emphasises clear active communication between manager and employee is vital. Many of the impacts listed above can be resolved by listening to employee needs and communicating the company’s expectations. 

Employees which do not feel valued are twice as likely to quit the following year, with Forbes estimating that 66% of employees would quit if they feel underappreciated. People want to feel involved in projects and part of the company’s success. It is important to reward good contributions and offer the recognition employees deserve for their hard work. Personally thank the employee and be specific on how they helped the business.

Want to know what skills make a good leader? Read our article “How To Be a Leader at Work – 4 Leadership Skills to Have”, which has advice from real-life successful corporate leaders. 

Build a Cooperative Business Environment Through Development Training

Set your employee on a clear path of development and help them realise their career aspirations. Offer training programmes to improve their technical and social skills to help them stand out from the crowd. People will always value the company more if they nurture and help place them on the right path.

Host regular in-person or virtual meetings to keep employee skills up to market standards. You should encourage experienced staff to train junior members of the team and pass on their skills. Rewarding them with incentives for helping out is a smart way to keep them engaged with the training process. Strong inter-employee interaction fosters a healthy work environment where colleagues are assisting each other in development.  

Showing Genuine Care Goes a Long Way

Operations have been severely disrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic, but businesses are gearing up their workforce again to help rebuild momentum. At this moment, the risk of Covid-19 is still in the back of the mind of the worker, so in order to put employees at peace of mind, businesses should implement Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) to boost employee engagement and reduce costs. Employers can see up to 50% better improvement in job performance and increased business loyalty.

Implement Fun & Engaging Employee/Team Working Activities

By implementing group employee activities into the schedule, the whole company can bond outside of a work setting. Employees will be able to interact with people from departments they would not usually interact with and also get to know management on a more personal level. Team building activities set a positive work culture, improves team spirit, motivates individuals, improves employer brand, and fosters innovation which is all crucial for long-term business success. It is a great way for added workplace fun and prevention employee burnout.

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3 Key Takeaways

Employee Engagement Matters!

If your employees are not engaged at work, your business can suffer a drop in productivity, and retaining good talent could become a problem. This can prove to be a problem in your business’ long-term success and must be addressed immediately.

Communication is Key to Success

To keep your employees engaged, you must ensure you are engaged with them. Communicating clearly and listening to their concerns are the first steps business managers need to take. Feeling appreciated is always on the top of any working professional’s list.

Build Up Your Brand with Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Implementing an EAP into your business is a great way to show your employees you genuinely care about them. It also reflects well on your employer brand, which is crucial for attracting the best talent. To learn more about Links International’s EAP and fine-tuning your employer brand contact us now!

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