8 Reasons for Doing Business in Vietnam: Why Invest in 2020

Why Vietnam Is an Attractive Destination for Foreign Investment

While the rest of the world is thrown into a frenzy, Vietnam has been on the up and up. From the US-China trade war to the coronavirus outbreak, Vietnam as a nation has been unphased.

In our 2020 Asia Salary & Market Insights, we talked in detail about Vietnam’s win from import substitution, and the growth of the economy’s GDP at a high time of uncertainty. Now, facing a global pandemic, Vietnam comes out victorious once again.

Vietnam Safety Song Against Covid-19

As of the last Wednesday of February, all 16 patients (including a 73-year-old patient), were announced to be cured and discharged from the hospital. 

On top of that, they also gained viral success on Tik Tok.  Their catchy Covid-19 safety song went to become a dance challenge and was even featured internationally on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight Show.

All this is not coincidental. Over the years, the Vietnamese government has been investing heavily in building up its nation and the results are evident. Here are 8 reasons for Vietnam’s success and why you should invest. 

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8  Reasons Why You Should Invest in Vietnam

1. Strategic Location for Foreign Investment

Vietnam has an upper hand over other Southeast Asian economies thanks to its strategic location. Close to major markets in Asia as well as shipping routes, Vietnam is an ideal location for foreign investors. 

Effectively enhancing trade, their 2 biggest cities are strategically positioned in the South (Ho Chi Minh) and the North (Hanoi), making Vietnam a bridge into neighbouring locations.

2. Stable Economy Growth with a Positive Track Record

From 2002 to 2018, poverty rates in Vietnam declined sharply from over 70% to below 6%  according to the World Bank Group. Vietnam’s rapid economic growth over the past 30 years has been nothing less than remarkable.

Showing phenomenal growth, it is one of the fastest expanding economies in ASEAN. With its progress projected to continue through to 2024, Vietnam is a market of boundless potential for foreign investment success.

Vietnam Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 1995- 2020
Vietnam Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 1995- 2020

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3. Substantial Market Size & Growing Local Market Opportunities

A population of 95 million means a strong purchasing power. With an emerging middle class, Vietnam holds great market growth potential. In fact, PWC forecasts Vietnam to be among the Top 20 economies in the world by 2050, making any business investment a profitable one.  

4. Doing Business in Vietnam is Getting Easier than Ever!

The Vietnamese government has made numerous amendments over the years, modifying regulations and opening up the market for investment. 

The increased transparency has invited more foreign investment. Simplifying basic procedures like getting electricity and paying taxes, Vietnam’s new regulations have welcomed many new ventures.

On top of this, the low setup cost is another big contributing factor to investing in Vietnam. Compared with many other countries, in Vietnam, for most businesses, there are no minimum capital requirements. This significantly lowers the barrier of entry, a flexible and cost-effective investment compared to others.

5. Exceptional Talent from a Growing Workforce

One of the key advantages of Vietnam over China is its young demographic. According to the Ministry of Education and Training, 97% of the working-age population is literate, with over 52% of its population at their prime working age (Source: PWC). This equals a strong and vibrant workforce. 

On top of this, the government has also taken measures to train its people. Meeting the demand for high-skilled industries, Vietnam offers increased vocational and technical training. For foreign businesses, this means access to a larger candidate pool of young talent to advance the business.

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6. Competitive Labour Costs

Aside from the strategic location, competitive labour costs another reason why businesses are choosing Vietnam over China. The growing economy with its low minimum wage poses as a cost-efficient alternative to China, especially in the manufacturing industry.

7. Infrastructure Boom with Government Investments

The Vietnamese government has successfully created an investment climate by implementing and upgrading local infrastructures. Investing heavily to facilitate movement around and within the country, Vietnam is the ideal place for foreign businesses to set up their Asia Hub.

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8. Strong Investment Culture through Trade Agreements

Vietnam is a significant player in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), lowering intra-regional tariffs as well as promoting trade in this area. Healthy relations with EU members as well as China has also allowed Vietnam to benefit greatly during the US-China trade war, making it advantageous to set up businesses in Vietnam.

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Consult professionals in the area

Vietnam is quickly growing. The government is actively amending regulations to create a more inclusive investment environment as well as increase the standards of living for its people. If you’re looking to invest in the market, make sure to do ample research and consult with local professionals to give your business the best chance of success.

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