A Behind the Scenes Look at Christmas – Links International

Ever wondered how other companies celebrate their Christmas? You’re in for a treat, here’s a behind the scenes look at what we did at Links this year!

Like every good engagement we do at Links we had three key objectives when planning for our Christmas celebrations.

  1. Help interdepartmental team building
  2. Incorporate the good holiday spirit of fun and games
  3. Be a time of recognition for everyone’s work and effort as we wrap up the year

360° Run down of Links’ Christmas Celebrations

At Links, we go all out for our Christmas celebrations every year. Here’s an exclusive look into what our team in Hong Kong did this year.

Links Christmas Celebration: Teams

How did we kick off our Christmas celebrations? With costumes of course!

Believe it or not, this is actually the main event each year (and it starts before the day even begins)! Each year we get an advance notice of the teams. From there, the fun begins. 

You’ll be surprised what happens when you put people from different departments into one team. This year we got some very outstanding costumes.

Following Good Old Traditions 

It’s Christmas, so good food and presents are a must. After a feast at lunch we proceed to our secret Santa ritual. As Links International has grown in size, this portion of the day has grown more and more hectic. 

What did we do after that? Yes, in good Links tradition, we race towards to gaming center via public transport.

For our games, we went to SuperPark Hong Kong, where their motto is made to MOVE. To compete, each team needed to finish the 10 activities on the list. The team with the highest score wins. Here’s some moments from the day.

Activities include:

Links Christmas Contest: Fun and Games
  • Flying Fox
  • Pedal Car Track
  • Super Pinball
  • Robo Keeper
  • Superball
  • Tube Slide
  • Super Bowling
  • Super Hoop
  • Hot Stepper
  • Augmented Climbing Wall

Links Christmas Celebration: SuperPark

Unconventional Feast, Games, and Awards

Ever done Hot Pot for Christmas? We did!

To round off our day of fun and games, each team played a round of charades. After tallying up all the points, here’s the awards for the winning teams:

Special Acknowledgement to the Winning Teams

Links Christmas Contest: Best Dressed

Congratulations to the Wizard of Oz team for winning the award for best costume of the year! They were also the team to win the first round of games at SuperPark.

Links Christmas Contest: Game Champion

However the final gaming champion of the day was Team Aerobics! 

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