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Recognising the People’s Needs

For Emrys Lam, Links International’s Consulting Manager, identifying the right fit for both candidates and clients is his main motivation for being a recruiter. Placing the interest of both parties ahead of his own has allowed Emrys to develop into a successful recruiter with all the right principles.

In this episode of Employee Stories, we learn about how Emrys’ understanding of people’s needs and genuine care for their career paths have culminated in his incredible recruitment record.

Emrys Lam
Emrys Lam
Consulting Manager – HR Services

Broaden Your Horizons

After graduating with a degree in Risk Management, Emrys took the bold step and decided to enter a career in HR, something which was completely new to him. He believed that HR would offer him the opportunity to expand his horizons and gain a better understanding of how things operate in the corporate world.  

He explained that HR is a well-connected profession where you meet people from all departments and gain complete knowledge of how a company runs. Being in HR placed him in close proximity to all departments allowing him to see the long-term trends in the different functions. His dedication to learning more and meeting new people spurred his transition into a career in recruitment.

Recruitment Development

After leaving his job in HR, Emrys entered recruitment and was in charge of building a newly opened recruitment desk, specialising in Junior HR Hiring. For someone who lacked prior experience, this was a tough ask but Emrys excelled in the situation, becoming a top biller in the process.

With more experience under his belt, he wanted to explore all levels of hiring. Continually challenging himself, he moved onto new opportunities and started recruiting for mid-level and executive-level positions. Recruiting seemed to come naturally for Emrys as again he would become a top 5 biller, but it was the hard work he placed on relationship building that propelled his success.

Making Real Connections

Emrys believes that making real connections with people is the very essence of becoming a winning recruiter. He stated that “Putting yourself in the shoes of candidates is crucial in placing the right person in the right job”. Everyone has their own story, concerns and cases, so learning about them is important if you want to know whether the candidate will be the correct fit and can go on to flourish in the job.

Creating a deep and genuine bond is something Emrys has learned to develop on his way to improving as a recruiter. He despises recruiters which place their own interests ahead of the candidates and clients. Hard-selling recruiters which only care for placements even when they know the candidate does not fit in the culture of the company can ruin the career paths of people.

Being honest with a candidate after analysing the situation is something that Emrys always does. If the situation does not work for the candidate, he will always give his truthful opinion. His values have allowed the development of true friendships with candidates. His very first placement is still in the same job and he expresses gratification to see him thriving and being promoted. Placing over 200 people in his recruitment career, Emrys can take pride in the 99% of candidates that have stayed past the probational period.

His Cultural Fit at Links International

Moving to Links at the start of 2020, Emrys has fit in easily with the culture at Links. He explains that working at Links feels more like a partnership as he is allowed to take full ownership of projects. Links has provided him with the platform to express himself due to the flexibility and support from management.

He states that Links’ flexible working environment has improved his independence and problem-solving skills, further helping him advance as a recruiter. The recruitment team at Links is also more experienced and have outstanding knowledge in their fields, allowing them to cross-share knowledge and experiences.

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How Does Emrys See the Current Job Market?

The ongoing pandemic has brought about economic turmoil for the world. Emrys has noticed that corporate back-office jobs have seen a slight drop in availability. Clients also have budget constraints and candidates are more skeptical about changing jobs due to the unstable financial situation.

However, the demand for revenue-generating jobs is still very strong. He does not see sales positions being impacted too much and expects the job market to rebound soon if the situation improves in Hong Kong.

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Achieving Work-Life Balance

Emrys really enjoys recruiting and does not treat it as a traditional sales job. The connections you can create with people is something not possible in other jobs. As much as he loves his job, he recognises the importance of having a work-life balance. Ensuring you have enough time to do other things you enjoy is essential for not burning out.

During his time away from work Emrys has many hobbies including musicals, dance and anime. To refresh himself he also likes to go hiking and the gym. He enjoys living an eventful life inside and outside of work to keep him motivated and improving!

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Links International’s Consulting Manager, Emrys Lam, shares his thoughts on how you can decide on what type of career is right for you!

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