HR Needs a New Approach in 2019: Achieving More with Less

Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right people for the job, a result of the competitive and progressively candidate-driven job market in Asia.

As companies are hard pressed to drive results, it is more important now than ever for companies to properly apply their internal talent and resources, focusing them on priority tasks that can deliver value.

HR needs a new approach in 2019

As a function that boils down to making employees more motivated to work and perform, HR leaders need to be more focused this 2019 in bringing the most out of the company’s key resource, it’s talent. This may be in the form of better employee engagement or perhaps addressing existing challenges such as high turnover rates, or low morale. Stop wasting your resource on tasks that can easily be outsourced, a mentality that applies not only to the HR function but other administrative functions within the business as well. 

If Your Business Outsources Only One Thing It Should be Payroll: Here’s Why

If Your Business Outsources Only One Thing It Should Be Payroll - EDM CTA


Communicating the Vision in HR

While in theory it’s easy to understand why and how payroll outsourcing would be a resource to the company.

However, as a leader in HR, it is your job to communicate this vision to board members and stakeholders alike. This not only means communicating the importance of proper employee engagement and care but also proper reasoning for why payroll outsourcing is the solution to help you achieve that.

To help you better present your reasoning, make sure to check out our article on how to calculate ROI on payroll outsourcing and our other resources one payroll so you can start focusing on the things that matter most.

As you look into the calculation of ROI, one key reason that may stand out for why payroll should be outsourced will most likely be concerning security.

Proper payroll processing is one of those functions that fall to the background when done right, but when done wrong, can manifest into a company’s worst nightmare.

Especially for MNCs that have to deal with different legislation across different locations, the burden of processing payroll can be notably more demanding and heavy on the team.

Choosing the Right Payroll Outsourcing Service for Your Needs

Being such a crucial part of business, it is important that you do your homework when choosing the right payroll outsourcing vendor.

While there are many payroll outsourcing solutions available in the market, not every payroll solution will be able to offer a service right for your needs.

Questions to consider before choosing your payroll processing partner:

  • How trusted is the payroll outsourcing vendor? Is there any proof that this is a reputable firm that will protect your company privacy?
  • Which areas of service do they cover? Will they be able to manage the various locations that your company may be based in?
  • How is the payroll being processed, where is the payroll provider operating from? Do they have staff on ground who are well versed in the local legislation?
  • What is the team structure? In case of an emergency,  is there a clear point of contact whom you can reach out to?

As an HR leader, whether or not the responsibility of employee engagement and taking care of the company culture falls on you, payroll outsourcing is a great resource to help you add value to your work.

By delegating your payroll duties to a trusted payroll processing partner, not only are you securing your company from certain liabilities, you’re also freeing up internal resources to deliver better results.

See what our clients have to say about Links payroll outsourcing services:

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