Are Mandarin language skills really required for the role?

Links International was featured in an article on eFinancial Careers about the recruitment of Mandarin speakers for banking jobs, and whether Mandarin language skills are actually as vital as the job description makes them out to be.

There continues to be a high demand for Mandarin speakers amongst banks in Hong Kong, yet, although some roles genuinely do require the language, others claim it is mandatory when in actual fact it isn’t, or shouldn’t be, essential. The article on eFinancial Careers quotes some recruiters, including us, who voice their opinion on the true necessity of Mandarin language skills amongst financial jobs in Hong Kong.

Nick Lambe, our Managing Director, is quoted as saying the following: “In the middle and back office, Mandarin is a justifiable prerequisite for many jobs, especially those in Greater China audit, compliance and risk that liaise with mainland financial regulators. But Mandarin is starting to appear on a few operations and governance job descriptions, which have no obvious connection to China.”

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