Career Advice for Students Seeking Overseas Internships


Last week, I was invited to give a talk organised by AIESEC at the Hong Kong Baptist University as part of their Global Talent Programme.

The Global Talent Programme is a 6-18 month programme to help and encourage HKBU students to work abroad. It provides long-term overseas job opportunities to final year students who will contribute to the Hong Kong business market after their overseas internship.

There were over 50 students in attendance, mostly in their final year at university, who were all eager to find out some regional market updates and get an insight on how overseas internships can improve their chances of landing a job upon their return to Hong Kong.

Group of People

My presentation therefore included some widely applicable career advice, as well as market insights based largely on our recently released 2016 Asia Salary Snapshot. It also included interview and CV advice, as well as a few pointers on things that interviewers find most intolerable, such as tardiness and lack of preparation.

An interactive Q&A session followed the presentation. The students offered some very interesting ideas and I have every belief that they will be hugely successful in their overseas internships and also in their job searches when they return to Hong Kong.

Presentation of Award

Should you be interested in career advice, interview tips, or insights on how to make yourself more employable, please do not hesitate to contact me.