Insights into Asia: Hong Kong Business Etiquette

Welcome to our first blog series at Links International, Insights into Asia!

At Links International, we are all about HR innovation, to make people around the world realise the power of people in the workplace. Our goal with this series is to raise the value of HR by bridging the gap in the understanding of HR and allowing people to start appreciating the value of good talent.

Since our last article (Don’t Start a Business in Asia Before Knowing the Culture) talking about the rise of glocalization, we thought it would be great to follow up with more useful insights into different Asian countries. This series is aimed to raise the awareness in the need for businesses to achieve cultural fluency.

It is especially made for those who are looking to expand their company into Asia and who are trying to get a better grasp of the cultural landscape. It is also helpful for those who are looking to work in Asia and would like to prevent themselves from the potential culture shock.

In the following months, we will be coming out with a series of posts covering different areas within Asia to help you expand your business. In order to make this a more engaging experience for you, we’ve decided to condense our insights into bite-sized nuggets and present them in an e-brochure along with helpful links for those who may want to dig a little further.

Seeing as Links is headquartered in Hong Kong, we thought it was only right to start here with our series. So, without further delay, let’s dive into our latest series Insights into Asia, Hong Kong edition.

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Insights into Asia:  Hong Kong Business Etiquette 

If you were to summarise Hong Kong in one word, then “dynamic” may be the one to go for. Formerly colonised by the British for 150 years and now back under the Chinese government, it is a place where different cultures are able to converge while still maintaining their traditional roots.

It is precisely because of this history of being under different governments that gives Hong Kong the rich cultural mosaic it now displays. All this packed into a tiny little city however, can mean it gets chaotic, especially when you’re not paying attention to the general rules and etiquette.

To help you navigate around the local culture, below we’ve highlighted some of the key insights when it comes to doing business in Hong Kong.



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