Dear Designers, The Fashion Capital is Shifting to China

Are You Ready for China’s Rise on the Global Fashion Stage?

With China’s new economic strategy shifting increasingly towards the consumer market, industries like fashion are in a prime position to help fuel the country’s economic growth. With growing investment in the fashion industry, demand for fashion designers will open up new opportunities.


A study by Li & Fung already showed that China’s apparel market year-on-year growth has been increasing consistently, and we could potentially see even greater growth in the coming decade due to the new policies. Sportswear is growing especially strong, with the top 10 apparel brands of China mostly comprising of international and local sports brands.

Anta 1.0%Sportswear
Li Ning0.6%Sportswear
Jack & Jones0.5%Menswear

Previously China was only seen as the supplier of materials and a mass-producer of cheap garments, with the “Made in China” label synonymous with poor quality. However, the industry is changing to a highly specialised one and China is beginning to lose its “bad products” tag.

Luxury sales in China are still expected to grow by 30% in 2020 despite a difficult year and almost every brand is now catering their designs to Chinese consumer taste. A report by Forbes claimed that China is growing its base of local designers and hiring overseas designers to help expand the presence of local Chinese luxury brands. The fashion scene is developing rapidly and industry professionals should take this opportunity to develop their skills and lead the fashion transformation now.

Why Fashion Professionals Need to Grasp the Opportunity Now!

The fashion industry in China is actively seeking experienced experts from developed markets like Hong Kong to help revolutionise it, making it the perfect time for any industry professional to advance their careers. Here are the reasons why designers should consider an opportunity in China now before it’s too late:

3 Reasons to Develop Your Fashion Career in China:      

The Most Important Market

A population of over 1.4 billion people with burgeoning spending power simply makes the Chinese market too large to ignore. Currently, the Chinese consumer already accounts for around 33% of global luxury good sales, with these luxury brands already altering their strategies to cater to local consumer taste by releasing styles that pay homage to Chinese heritage.

According to The Business of Fashion, over the past decade, China has accounted for 38% of global fashion industry growth and 70% of expansion in the global luxury segment since 2012. By relocating to China, designers will be able to keep up with the latest trends, understand more about new markets and the importance of Chinese consumerism.

Total retail sales in China are expected to become greater than the US in the coming years according to

Leading a Team of Returning Talent

In recent years the number of Chinese students studying overseas has increased drastically. In 2018-2019 there were over 365,000 Chinese students studying in the US alone, making China the biggest exporter of students globally. Equipped with new skills these returning students or “Sea Turtles” are transforming the workforce of China.

As an experienced expert, you will have the chance to lead a new team of well-educated and hungry graduates looking to build their own careers. You can gain management skills in another country which will look fantastic on your CV! Now is the best time to move as the talent is just beginning to mature. If left too late, China’s need for Hong Kong/Overseas professionals will fade due to the local talent already being experienced enough to manage design teams.

A Strong Passion for Fashion

The population is growing increasingly fashion-conscious and playing a bigger role in creating their own designs. Chinese luxury brands and fast fashion labels have been on the rise with the likes of Urban Revivo and Bosideng even opening up international stores. As a fashion designer, passion is crucial for success and the new generation of Chinese people are obsessed with new trends and designs.

International brands like Skechers, Allbirds, Champion, and Nike are accelerating their expansion in China by opening up flagship stores, expanding online presence, and setting up design teams in China exclusively for the APAC/China market. Many brands are choosing China as their regional design headquarters, creating ample opportunities for anyone willing to venture out. Comparatively, design opportunities in Hong Kong and other Asia locations have become more challenging in recent years.     

It is an exciting time for the working professional to progress into China with the up-and-coming changes. China will act as an excellent stepping stone for any fashion professional looking for overseas exposure and working with a generation of people full of determination and passion.  

The Time to Grasp the Opportunity is Now!

This could potentially be a once in a lifetime opportunity to advance your career in the most important market. Designers and fashion professionals should explore available openings and strongly consider China as the next step for their careers. If you would like to know more about working in China or about vacancies, please contact our specialist recruitment team at +852 3915 0233 or through LinkedIn.

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