Development & Learning in Life Sciences – Employee Stories

We recently caught up with Angus Choi, a Senior Consultant in Recruitment for Life Sciences at Links International to learn more about his role as a recruiter in the field, as well as some lesser-known facts about Life Sciences.

When we asked Angus why Life Sciences, he talks about how fascinating technology in this specific industry has grown over the past few years – especially after Covid-19. Angus keeps up with local market knowledge to search for candidates best suitable for companies in Hong Kong. He recently joined the Links Family and has over 8 years of experience in recruitment under his belt.

How can we see the Life Sciences industry developing over the next 2 years?

Angus explains that, “Specifically in Hong Kong, life sciences has a great potential for growth – exponentially during Covid-19. This is because a great number of starts-ups in Hong Kong have been focusing on creating Covid-19 testing kits. Besides that, there have also been developments in start-ups in the Hong Kong Science Park. Adding to this are the government initiatives such as extra funding – which has encouraged companies in Hong Kong to delve and learn more about the life sciences sector.”

However, Angus also believes that there will be a great scope for life science even after Covid-19, especially due to the strong reliance from the China market.

In the Tech Trends 2022 Report released by Deloitte, it was learnt that there are 7 trends to watch out for in the following industry:

  1. Data-sharing will be made easy
  2. Blockchain will be ready for business
  3. Cloud goes vertical
  4. Automating will be done at scale
  5. Cyber AI’s value will be continuously proved across the chain
  6. The tech stack goes physical
  7. Field notes from the future

What roles are growing in the following industry?

In terms of roles that have and will continue to have an increased demand, Angus highlighted mechanical engineering, IT-specific roles, bioinformatics, and clinical trial positions as the top ones. He also pointed out that medical robotics is a major sector that is being focused on in Hong Kong at present.

How do you work on finding the right candidate?

Angus shares, “When looking for candidates to join the field, a scientific background is a must – medical engineering, biomedical engineering, bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, biochemistry being the most popular majors. Apart from educational qualifications, market knowledge is a must as it involves new technologies and technical terms that candidates must understand.” Angus also stressed on the need that the healthcare and life sciences sectors are two completely different areas – which its why having the right credentials are important for potential candidates.

What stands out for Angus is he is hiring for an industry that stands out with a chance to make a difference in the world and to him, that’s fulfilling. Every candidate he places is out there to make a difference!

Why did you choose the life sciences industry to develop your recruitment career?

“I began my journey in recruitment by primarily focusing on luxury retail and FMCG,” Angus begins. A few years after, he came across the opportunity in medical devices which has now brought him to where he is. Through working in life sciences, he has learned that the industry is comparatively stable and still has room for potential growth, especially due to the needs of the Department of Health in Hong Kong.

What do you like most about your job?

Angus said what he loves most about his job is that he feels strongly satisfied helping people find their career paths. Additionally, he enjoys providing consultation and career coaching.

What will the industry be like in 2023? Will it still be a hot market in a post-pandemic world?

According to Angus, next year, we will very likely see a shift in the market as the pandemic subsides. Growth will still happen, however the pace in which it happens will be slower. he added that while there will be a lesser demand for Covid-19 related products and services, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the industry’s development will be stunted. “The post-pandemic world will see more people taking better precautions for their health and coupled with the fact that Hong Kong has some of the most advance healthcare and eldercare services in the world, the industry will remain a prominent one”, he explained.

What about work trends in 2023 such as hybrid and work from home arrangements?

“Work from home or hybrid work is a top request by many candidates these days,” said Angus, “however, while they might work for other industries, it is a challenge in Life Sciences & Healthcare as much of the work is hands-on and practical”.  Angus went on the say that interestingly, this has not deterred candidates from wanting to work in the field.

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