Does your traditional organisational structure work for you?

As we all know, one of the main issues concerning companies globally is employee engagement, and how this, or lack of it, can affect the business. After many traditional methods to increase employee engagement have proved less and less successful, we are seeing companies introducing new, innovative methods to reach this goal.We came across an article on In The Black about a very interesting self-organising model known as ‘holacracy’, which essentially aims to remove bureaucracy from the workplace, giving a bit more ownership to employee teams so that they can perform their roles without having to seek approval from the CEO. The CEO remains in charge, but not in a stifling way.

In holacracy, employees within “circles” are allocated roles and if someone fails to carry out their responsibilities, it becomes immediately apparent to the team which employee is letting them down. This method therefore increases transparency, as people become more accountable for their actions, therefore leading to higher productivity and inevitably to an increase in employee engagement.

In order to bring holacracy into your workplace, it’s important to research and understand the changes that it will bring to your organisation, and be prepared for some disruption along the way.

Read the full article here.

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