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How Recruitment Found Me

Many graduates are not sure of the career path they should take and often feel lost in their search. However, for Eddy Lee, Links International’s Recruitment Manager, it was recruitment that found him. It was never Eddy’s intention to become a recruiter as he wanted to work in HR at first, but when he realised that recruitment was a natural fit, he decided to embrace the career.

Grab the Opportunity & Take the Initiative

Graduating in Business Administration, Eddy began his career in HR where he built up a strong foundation. Tasked with handling all aspects of human resources, Eddy was involved with recruitment, payroll processing, handling employee records/data, and working on labour law policies. Eddy is grateful for his first job, as it allowed him to develop the all-round skills which have been crucial for his success today.

After developing a solid skillset, Eddy went onto recruitment specialising in government tenders as he felt recruitment was what he was most comfortable in and offered the best career path. The autonomy and flexibility that comes with a career in recruitment were perfect for his personality and this was the career path Eddy would ultimately take. Recruitment requires strong relationship-building skills, empathy, an open mind, and a determination for self-improvement which were all natural skills Eddy possessed.

As a recruiter, Eddy would go on to specialise in government tenders. Although still a junior, Eddy was given the opportunity to take charge of all government projects and build the companies expertise in this area. For someone who lacked the knowledge in working with government contracts, this would be a huge challenge in his young career but one perfectly set up for him.

“It was a huge challenge! Essentially everything had to be self-taught, but I wanted to grasp this opportunity to grow myself.” – Eddy Lee, Links International Recruitment Manager

Many juniors would feel overwhelmed and shy away from leading such an important assignment especially without guidance from an experienced professional. However, for Eddy, this was a challenge that he would eagerly accept as he believed this would help him grow his career and help his company expand.

Building Something from Scratch

Building your own recruitment desk is not simple, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Eddy stated that working with government contracts is particularly difficult as it requires you to have a strong knowledge of Hong Kong labour laws. Government contracts also often use very technical terms that can be hard to understand especially if you have no previous exposure.

However, the hard work Eddy put in would pay off as he was able to build the company’s government tender specialist division and eventually increase revenue by 500%! In 2 years, he was able to make it into managerial level and lead a team to expand the business further.

Not Your Typical Recruiter!

Recruiters that handle government contracts are not your typical recruiter. The skills needed must be broader than traditional recruiters as you are required to work on large government-based projects. This requires a good level of proficiency in accounting, writing, and project management skills.

Eddy expresses that it is important to have strong legal sense and technical skills to cope with the constant dealings with labour laws. Due to the need to continually study tender invitations and draft out proposals to submit to the government, the knowledge he has in legislation must be solid. He is also required to work with a diverse spectrum of government departments and people, meaning that Eddy must be flexible and able to adapt to the variability involved.

Links Provides Me with the Freedom to Express Myself

Moving to Links International has further helped Eddy flourish as a recruiter.

“Links International is an open-minded firm that provides me with the freedom to express myself and try new ideas. Nothing is set in stone and I’m not tied down to restrictions like in other companies.” Eddy Lee

Eddy stated that the freedom Links provides has significantly enhanced his independent and problem-solving skills. He can take charge of tasks and drive projects, something which is not possible in many traditional firms.

According to Eddy, Links International has a strong communal spirit where people are more willing to help each other. Instead of competing with other recruiters in the same company, the friendly environment at Links encourages cooperation and support between colleagues.

Giving 100% in Recruitment

Recruitment is a very rewarding career. After completing a large project or placing the right candidate in a position, you receive a good feeling you don’t get in other careers. Although Eddy recognises that there are pressures that come with recruitment, he says that it spurs him to push himself to grow and strive to become a better recruiter.

He states that during working hours he always gives 100% and self-motivates himself to continue learning and improving. However, Eddy stresses it is equally important to have hobbies outside of work. Setting time for your personal life is a must and for him, that is going to the gym and enjoying nature. With many scenic spots in Hong Kong, Eddy recommends going on many of the beautiful hiking routes around the city!

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