Employee Engagement – 3rd Annual Links Olympics

What does your company do for employee engagement?

One of the major employee engagement activities at Links International is the Links Bar Olympics! Last Friday, our team in Hong Kong hosted the 3rd Annual Links Olympics at Club Primo.

3rd annual Links Bar olympics!!.png

The night is designed to be fun and engaging for all employees. Celebrating our work and performance in the past year, we aimed to use this as an opportunity to encourage interdepartmental teamwork and collaboration, as well as cultivate a “work hard, play hard” culture within the company.IMG_0633.jpg

To increase the understanding and collaboration between different departments, four teams were drawn at random. Each team had to pick a colour on a first come first serve basis out of the Links corporate colours. Unfortunately, everyone was playing it safe and our signature Links orange was not chosen!

Before the official games began, we got the crowd warmed up with a nail-bitingly tense match of Flip Cup , with each playing for their own. As people started to warm up to the environment, the real games began.


IMG_0640.jpgPutting different teams against each other, we started playing multiple rounds of darts 501, Flip Cup, and Beer Pong. The atmosphere around the room was electric and at the end we tallied to see which team had won the most games and found that two teams were tied in numbers.

To settle the tie, the two teams bumped heads at a battle of Flip Cup. As a finale, Links bought everyone a few round of shots to celebrate the night.

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At Links, we get together outside of the office on a regular basis, to make sure that there is always the right balance of hard work and fun rewards.

We’re always looking for motivated individuals to join our team. If this sounds like the sort of environment that you would be suited to, don’t hesitate to get in touch!