Foreign Businesses Setting up in China: Shanghai Legislation

In the past decade, China has really proven itself to be a worthy location to expand into and a business goldmine. Just recently, there’s been talks of Google, looking to re-enter into the China market, after years of being away. Seeing the strong growth in China’s economy, businesses are finding that China, is an opportunity too big to pass on.

With many looking to step a foot into this major economy, businesses are finding that Shanghai is the ideal city to set up their business. Shanghai, being a densely packed commercial centre of China has attracted many foreign businesses.  According to Shanghai statistics bureau, in the first six months alone, Shanghai has signed over 2,100 projects with foreign investors.

Setting up a Foreign Entity in China

A major frustration many foreign businesses have entering into the China market is with the complex legislation system as well as with the mandatory paperwork that requiring official approval. Seeing how different cities operate under different regulations, it’s important that businesses do their homework before going into the China market.

To help foreign businesses looking to set up in Asia, Links has launched a series of country legislation pages. Our Asia legislation summaries incorporate essential regulations on various countries, to help foreign business owners more easily find the necessary information associated with setting up a business.

Recently we published our Shanghai legislative page. Other legislation summaries include:

What to Expect from the Links Legislative Summaries?

  • Key country legislation on company registration, work permits, minimum wage, statutory benefits and many more;
  • Layout with easy navigation;
  • Useful governmental links and sources for additional information.

APAC Legislation Summary Page Demonstration-1


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With Links’ professional HR outsourcing services, businesses can more securely set up and manage foreign entities across Asia Pacific. Below we’ve included  a list of resources on how you can expand your business successfully across Asia.

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