Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day to all administrative staff in Hong Kong!

You may not be aware of this, but today is a special day for all those who work in administration jobs in Hong Kong. We at Links International would like to take a moment to acknowledge all the hard work that all administrative staff provide to their employers on a day-to-day basis. Happy Administrative Professionals’ Day!

This lesser known appreciation day is a small tradition dating back to 1952, started by the American National Secretaries Association. In Hong Kong and America, Administrative Professionals’ Day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April – i.e. today! It is a chance to recognise the hard work from all support staff that goes on behind the scenes in every organisation in Hong Kong.

More and more employers and corporations give valuable recognition to Administration professionals (such as Office Managers, Administration Assistants, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Receptionists and more!), since their contribution and performance significantly fosters daily office operations and in reality, the business is absolutely dependent on these people

Thank You Note

A well-presented administrative professional should always be appreciated in the firm, as he or she knows exactly where to assist and how to grasp the preference of every single person in the office. This person has strong common sense and observation skills, as he or she also knows the exact perfect moment to step in if needed. Not to mention the fact that an outstanding admin professional is always working above and beyond their job requirements, acting as a forward thinker to the team, as well as working extra miles in supporting the business, from administrative work to secretarial assistance towards Senior Management.

With all this in mind, let us take this opportunity to show our appreciation for all the hard work that administrative professionals put in, in order to make our lives just a little easier. Take a moment today to do the same in your own organisation to appreciate your admin staff. Whether you take them out for a casual lunch, give them some kind of treat, or even just say a friendly “thank you for everything”, a little acknowledgment goes a long way

If you’re looking to hire a top admin professional, or you are in an administrative role in Hong Kong and are looking for a new opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.