How Has 2020 Changed Recruiting?

Rising Power of Technology & the Impact of Covid-19

Strict social distancing measures have led businesses to turn their attention to technology to continue daily operations. With public meetings restricted and people sceptical of meeting new people, scheduling in-person interviews has become particularly difficult. The impact from the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the way businesses operate and also changing the way they recruit.

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How Should Businesses & Candidates Prepare for the Changes Caused by Covid-19?

Adapting to More Video Interviews

Technology has gotten to a level where it can replace most of the traditional hiring processes. Video interviewing is not a new thing, but its growth in prominence recently has been astronomical. With virtual recruitment, both employers and employees will have to adjust their mindset and approach.

A virtual interview should technically be the same as a traditional interview. For many candidates interviewing from the comforts of their own home may actually be easier as they feel less pressure. With virtual interviews here to stay, candidates must be comfortable with conducting dialogue in front of a camera rather than face-to-face. Setting up the right environment will also be essential. A setting which is quiet, has good lighting and strong internet connection should be a priority.  

For the interviewer it is important to gauge the candidate’s personality and cultural fit with well-worded questions, as it will be harder to read body language. Successful virtual interviews should always be a great conversation between the two parties with dynamic talking points. Building rapport through video will be a skill both HR professionals and candidates will have to learn.

Leveraging AI in the Recruitment Process

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in recruitment. Supplementing the process with AI can reduce unconscious biases, offer a better experience for candidates, improve cost-effectiveness and reduce time to hire. These benefits have led many businesses to implement AI into recruitment strategies.

AI systems are an excellent way to filter out talent from a large talent pool and is particularly beneficial for hiring graduates. Although AI has improved significantly, the mechanisms are not quite developed enough to select the right candidate for experienced hires. Artificial Intelligence is only as good as the data it receives, meaning using AI with incomplete or bad data sets can actually be detrimental for recruitment and rule out well-suited candidates. Finding the right person for a high-profile role can also take months and is far too complicated for AI to play a big role in the process.    

Senior roles require seasoned recruiters to identify to skillsets not evident on paper. Therefore, companies are best to partner with experienced recruitment firms, as they have dedicated specialists which have the skills to find qualified candidates. A well-established recruitment firm with a good setup will filter candidate CVs from the database with AI, but then have seasoned recruiters to follow up with the rest of the process.   

Transferring Skillsets from Other Functions

Industries like Hospitality, Retail and Leisure are some of the most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many professionals who work in these sectors have been released back into the talent pool and are looking for new opportunities. With a strong group of talent available, companies in industries that have stayed resilient during the pandemic should consider snapping up exceptional candidates.

Healthcare, Insurance and Telecoms are examples of thriving industries despite lockdowns and social distancing measures. Professional recruitment specialists will have the knowledge to identify candidates with skillsets that can be transferrable. When looking to fill a role, use recruitment consultants to recognise and find people outside the traditional talent pools of your sector, to ensure you don’t miss out on the best fitting talent. A reputable recruitment firm will also cover a range of sectors and functions, giving you access to larger and wider selection of talent from all areas.  

The Covid-19 pandemic maybe the most significant event to impact the recruitment and the job market in the 21st century. For business leaders and candidates, it will be vital to adapt to the changes so they can stay successful in the future.

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3 Key Takeaways

The Beginning of a New Era

2020 will be a year marking a new era in how businesses operate and recruit. The pandemic has changed the corporate landscape and sweeping technological changes will arrive in businesses as they begin to adapt to the new normal.

Partner with a Professional Recruitment Agency to Hire Senior Positions

Even though AI technology is improving, at its current stage it does not have the capabilities to consistently identify the best person for a senior role. If data is incomplete, AI can become a hindrance rather than helpful tool. Partnering with an experienced recruitment agency which has strong AI data assistance and in-field expertise will help you unearth gems to fill out important position.     

Searching in Non-Traditional Talent Pools

Outstanding talent from severely affected industries have been released into the candidate pool and business leaders should seize this opportunity to bag the talent even if they are from outside their sector. Knowledgeable recruitment professionals will be able to identify people with transferable skillsets for a seamless transition.

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