How HR Teams can now use AI Technology

Two years ago there was an absolute explosion of HR Analytics in the HR Tech space. This year much of the attention has shifted towards using AI and machine learning software in the HR space. While a lot of the AI software is new, AI is going to have a massive impact on an HR team’s ability to have an influence on the business. Yesterday, we hosted the Links HR Leaders in Retail event to open the discussion on this topic.

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ai_poster_ArtificialintelligenceinHR_01a.jpgFor this event we invited Thomas Weiss, one of the very few elite Microsoft Azure enthusiasts and Data Platform MVPs in Hong Kong with us to discuss the the future of AI in the HR scope. On the day, we had the honour of hosting HR professionals from leading companies, including Richemont, Lane Crawford, VF Corporation, Burberry, LVMH Fashion Group Asia, Tiffany, Tesco, Shiseido, Tory Burch and many more. For anyone who may have missed our event, below is a recap of the key insights from our discussion.

What is AI?

ai_poster_Artificial intelligence in HR.jpgArtificial Intelligence. From the famous science fiction film back in 2001 to the current day, many have long questioned the future of this machine learning technology.

Nowadays, we see more and more headlines of AI being integrated into different areas, such as learning, assisting and, in some cases, even surpassing human intelligence (Google’s AI wins against go genius Lee Sedol).

While amongst science leaders  the final verdict is still out on whether this technology is an enhancer of human processes or a replacement of human labour altogether, we at Links are firm believers that this new technology will only work to elevate and augment people’s roles and create jobs that are yet to exist. While some are still scared of this new technology, many have already jumped on the prospect of a more efficient and enhanced future.

Due to popular demand in the market, many HR tech companies have come out to market their product as AI even if their products aren’t actually AI.

Generally speaking, AI refers to machine learning software that has the ability to learn and adapt based on historic data. Other types of technology that do not learn but which are often marketed as AI include historic  Yes/No decision chatbots that function on more of a flow chart logic, picking up certain phrases and responding with corresponding answers.

How soon can we start seeing AI technology in HR?

The short answer is, it’s already here!

ai_poster_ArtificialintelligenceinHR_02a.jpgWhile AI technology is still in its infancy, there are many who have already jumped on the opportunity to utilise this technology, particular with AI Chatbots.

Links One, our single payroll solution across Asia, offers exactly this:  a single, highly configurable payroll software that removes the need for multiple single country payroll softwares and  that also enables HR teams to  provide 24/7 HR support through the use of AI chatbots.


The point of integrating AI chatbot technology into HR is to create a more efficient and also human employee experience.  With AI integrated into the HR support team, staff can have 24/7 access to the HR team with their queries. When properly integrated, AI Chatbots also eliminate the need for people to learn the specific way a chatbot communicates and, instead, communicate in a more human manner (e.g. natural language), enhancing and simplifying the overall employee experience.

With AI, we foresee a more efficient and enhanced HR in the near future and are excited to see how this space will grow and develop. For more information on our latest news and insights, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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