How much are you worth?

Ever wondered if you’re being paid what you should be? Want to find out how much you’re worth in 2016? Our 2016 Asia Salary Snapshot provides both employers and job seekers with a concise overview of salary and HR trends across Asia, including a glimpse of what motivates professionals in 2016.This report is based on information we gathered from a wide range of candidates and clients across the region who responded to our salary survey, together with our own insights based on our observations and candidate placements we made throughout 2015.

If you’re interested to know what is happening in the market, across all the sectors for which we recruit, as well as what salaries can be expected for different levels of experience, our comprehensive 2016 Asia Salary Snapshot is well worth a read. The report covers the following industries:

  • Banking and financial services
  • Sales and marketing, retail and FCMG
  • Human resources and administration
  • Temporary and contract
  • Industrial

To read the full report, click this link.