How Much Should You Earn in 2019?

What should you earn? Learn about the Asia market rate and make the most out of 2019.

Looking for a pay raise but don’t know how? Don’t sweat, with the Links 2019 Asia Salary Snapshot, you can easily compare your salary with the market rate and calculate the salary you should be getting.

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Get a hold of your future, know the market rate with Links’ 2019 Asia Salary Snapshot 

If you’re interested to know what is happening in the market, across all the sectors for which we recruit, as well as what salaries can be expected for different levels of experience, our comprehensive 2019 Asia Salary Snapshot is well worth a read.

This comprehensive salary guide for professionals in Asia aims to provide clients and candidates with a concise overview of human resources and salary trends across Asia, including a glimpse of what will motivate professionals in 2019. The salary guide includes salary information for Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

This year, we also included insights on workplace stress and health &wellness. Don’t miss out on the latest insights with our salary guide.

Links International’s 2019 Asia Salary Snapshot will include:

  • Hiring and salary trends
  • Expected salaries across a range of industries and experience levels
  • A glimpse of what motivates professionals in 2019

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