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Learning More About the Industry Through Recruitment

To many people recruitment is just finding people to place into jobs, but there is a lot more to a career in recruitment than meets the eye. Dorothy’s experience in recruitment is a prime example. Her journey as a recruiter has helped her learn and gain a broader understanding of how the industry works.

A Passion for Fashion

Dorothy studied Fashion at University in the UK and naturally started working as a fashion designer in London once she graduated. However, for Dorothy, this was not what she wanted in the long-term.

She explained that as a designer you are wrapped up in your own world and not exposed to the things that are happening outside of your design studio or company. The confined nature of her work was not aligned with her goals and as much as she loved designing, she wanted a career that allowed her to explore the entire spectrum of the fashion industry.

Dorothy Ng
Principal Consultant – Manufacturing, Sourcing & Supply Chain

Knowledge is Power

It was important for Dorothy to continue working in fashion as that is her main interest. After returning to Hong Kong, she decided to enter the diverse recruitment world as it would give her more exposure to every nook and cranny of the fashion industry. From sourcing raw materials to the retail store, she gradually gained a good understanding of every step in the supply chain. This was something not possible if she had stayed in her job as a designer.

By communicating with clients on job roles she was constantly updated with the latest market trends and how the industry was evolving. Dorothy was able to recognise upcoming and declining movements through the whole supply chain. With this experience, she became a specialist not only in fashion but the supply chain function in general.

Her combination of hands-on experience and recruitment knowledge allowed her to build a strong understanding of client and candidate needs. Her sound insight into the market mixed with her technical expertise has ultimately helped her find the best talent to fill roles and shine as a recruiter. This unique blend of hands-on experience gives Dorothy a distinctive edge over other recruiters and allowed her to build distinctive relationships with both clients and candidates.

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Building Relationships is the Most Important Part of Recruiting

As the Principal Consultant for Manufacturing, Sourcing & Supply Chain at Links International, Dorothy helps clients hire candidates in many different positions. Meeting clients and candidates from all walks of life and understanding their needs is vital to being an outstanding recruiter.

Meeting and engaging with clients in-person to understand their business is essential to understanding the culture of the corporation. Once you have grasped the company culture, you’ll know the type of people clients are looking for and which candidates will fit.

Dorothy emphasised that she values the relationship with clients and she would never compromise a quality fit for the sake of a placement. Placing people that are not suitable for your client, could break your relationship. Building a good relationship is hard but destroying one is easy. Always look at the long-term rather than being shortsighted.

Links International’s Regional Footprint Attraction

Links International has provided her with the platform and provided her with the freedom to develop enormously as a recruiter. She said that at Links, the style is very hands-off and has provided her with the flexibility to succeed. Taking ownership and growing her own recruitment desk was one of the main reasons that enticed her to join Links.   

At Links, she was able to control of which roles and levels she hired, which was perfect for her as she has a good idea of the upcoming trends and hot jobs in the Manufacturing, Sourcing & Supply Chain function. As Links has provided her with so much independence, she felt like a partner with Links rather than just a recruiter for a recruitment firm.

For Dorothy, being a specialist in the Supply Chain function, Links’ regional footprint is an obvious advantage for her when pitching to clients. Having a presence in multiple countries helps implant confidence in clients, as a regional presence shows Links has good exposure and understanding of local market needs. She could build a stronger connection with clients as Links can offer in-country support and other services to assist other areas of their business operations in different places.

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How to Handle the Stress of Recruitment and Thrive?

Recruitment and talent acquisition can be a stressful career as it is very target driven and dynamic. Matching the perfect candidate for a role is never easy and many factors can be outside of the recruiter’s control. For this reason, Dorothy will plan and prioritise her work but also take the time to relax. She enjoys many water sports like diving and kayaking as it lets her temporarily escape to a different world and revitalise herself.

She says that recruitment is a dynamic career perfect for anyone looking for a multi-faceted role. To be a recruiter you should be good at problem-solving, networking, and negotiating, making you crucial to the whole recruitment process. You can learn a lot from being in recruitment and it is the perfect job for anyone looking for an energetic and vibrant career!   

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