How to Best Prepare for an Interview: Knowledge is Key!

Working at a leading recruitment company in Asia, job seekers looking for HR jobs in Hong Kong will often ask me how to succeed in an interview. I recently posted a blog titled What to expect when you’re expecting a job interview. This blog post is a follow up to that one – now that you’ve secured your interview, you’re looking the part and feeling confident, all you can do is go in and give it your best shot.Here is my advice on how to prepare for that interview so that you can be rewarded with success.

Having skills without knowledge is the slowest way to victory.

Woman Celebrating Success

We are very fortunate to live in the time that we do. A time when information can be found at the touch of a button. Where employers want to let you know as much about their company as possible, provided you’re willing to look. Our parents’ generation relied mostly on newspapers and referrals to help them with their career path. People didn’t have as much knowledge about a company before going into the interview, but employers were understanding. Nowadays, however, companies have corporate websites, advertising platforms, published articles and social media. Employers want to hire people who specifically want to work for them, not just people who are looking for any random job to pay the bills. They want to hire people and train people who want to join the company and want to grow with them together.

Therefore, a common interview question that you can be sure to expect is why you want to work for that company.

To answer this question, it is vital to do some preparation in understanding the company that you are interviewing with, as well as the industry and the potential ups and downs you may encounter in the future. This knowledge will help you to answer that question thoroughly and in detail.

When you are doing your research, you may also think of questions that you would like to ask the interviewer.

In general, interviewers like candidates who ask questions, as it shows that they are interested. Furthermore, asking the right questions can reveal that you are dedicated and wish to get the most out of the opportunity. In the era of information and technology in which we live, it is no longer acceptable to go into an interview blind, as you can be assured that other job seekers won’t be.

If you speak to a recruitment consultant in Hong Kong, they will also be able to give you additional assistance in this regard, as they have a clearer understanding of the current status of the organisation, and will be able to further prepare you with a fine polish, so that if you are given the opportunity to attend an interview, you can use this information accordingly to help you achieve success.

To all current and future job seekers looking for a new job in Hong Kong, I send you my best wishes for a successful year ahead, and I look forward to sharing more interview tips and career advice with you very soon. Believe in yourself, put in the hard work, and your chances of securing your dream job will be sure to increase significantly. The lifestyles we lead help us to never stop learning. Pursuit of knowledge and development is something we should strive for, and the more practice we get, the better we get.

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