How to build your employer brand to hire top talent

By Darren Ng, Consultant – Sales, Marketing & Retail Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong


As an Asian business leader looking to get ahead, when planning for the new year ahead, it is important to understand where your company stands compared to your peers. How does your business measure when competing for talent? It starts from leaders focusing on strengthening their organisations’ employer brands. To become an employer of choice in Asia and capture the hearts of both existing employees and potential candidates has now become a major challenge facing business leaders today. This means crafting the message that is between what your target talent pool is looking for and the distinct value proposition of your company.

Talent leaders acknowledge that employer branding is at the top of their investment wish list. The current trends indicate that spending will lean towards traditional tactics, with nearly 70% of recruiting budgets spent on job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies. While business leaders under-invest in employer branding, they do appreciate its impact, however. Candidates also agree that companies draw interest when there are opportunities for career growth, company culture, and also challenges. By offering such things, you will influence the conversation with candidates; if you don’t, others will.

Here are some steps to help you attract and retain the talent you need in order to grow your business in Asia:

  • Define how you’d like to be seen as an employer based on a realistic assessment of your unique strengths, and transform this into a compelling Employee Value Proposition.
  • Be more proactive in using social media to share inside stories that highlight your strengths and build a more authentic and engaging employer brand reputation.
  • Evaluate your current employer brand awareness and reputation through survey research among your key external target audiences.
  • Ensure that every function within the organisation understands the value of a strong employer brand to the success of the business and the role they need to play in sustaining a consistent brand experience and reputation.

Although most teams only spend a small portion of their budgets on employer branding, LinkedIn suggests that 80% of talent leaders agree that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire great talent. Through talent acquisition and retention, the end purpose of employer branding is to stimulate business growth and achieve strategic business goals.

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