How To Determine What Works: HR Trends & Self Service Portals

Identifying the Right HR Solution

HR trends come and go. New technologies like AI and analytics are infiltrating the HR space. Many HR leaders want to take part while they can, hoping to improve their business function with the latest technologies.

Promising to address timeworn HR challenges, new HR technologies can be frustrating for HR leaders. With each HR solution that enters the market, the task of determining the best solution grows more tiresome. 

Fortunately, you’re not alone. Here’s a simple guide to determine which HR solution is best for your company.

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HR Trends: Determining What Works & What Doesn’t

The purpose of HR is to manage a business’ key resource, its people. Do this well and your employees will feel more engaged, improving business performance, and helping leaders increase profits.

Compared to the west, HR in Asia is still very rudimentary, relying on legacy systems. As such, a lot of the HR technology available in the industry is adopted from the western market. 

The upside is that there are likely more solutions in the market than your company is ready for. However, this means many options (as reputable as they are), may not be all that useful to growing your business.

So where can you start, and how can you determine which solution is worth your time? Start by examining what’s worked for others! 

The Proven Success of Employee Self Service in HR

For HR professionals, a market saturated with solutions is a double-edged sword. While there’s more to be filtered, it’s easier to identify solutions that have stood the test of time.

An example of this would be employee self-service systems. Employee self-service HR portals came about in the early 1990s, and over time, they’ve proven their worth.

ESS systems allow users to access data and make minor changes, cutting down on unnecessary communications between the human resources department and employees.

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Benefits of ESS systems include improving HR service, providing employees with better information access, and reducing cost. Most of all, ESS systems empower employees while streamlining HR operations.

According to a study by Cedar, 90% of users in Australia and the Asia Pacific found ESS systems to be useful (successful or at least somewhat successful) in achieving strategic HR.

Advantages of Self Service HR Portals & Why it Works

Improved HR productivity, increased accuracy, and reduced costs are some of the more overt benefits of ESS HR portals. 

But arguably, the most beneficial factor of ESS portals is how effortlessly it modernises the overall HR experience for employees. 

In a recent study surveying, full-time U.S. workers found that a majority (73%) of people expect access to a high-level employee self-service portal, and the ability to perform simple HR-related tasks at work.

Because employees want to feel empowered, access to quality employee self-service systems isn’t just a matter of efficiency, but control.

Finding an HR Solution that Works 

When deciding on an HR solution for your company, the most crucial thing to consider is what it’ll take to make it work.

What does this mean?

The market has many promising HR solutions available. While some are created for all users, others are created with a more advanced audience in mind. 

AI and HR analytic solutions, in general, will need more time to set up, while a quality self-service portal is much more intuitive, both in integration and in returns. On top of this, HR leaders should also factor in the company culture and employee tendencies when determining the usefulness of a solution.

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Research into Your Options

Educate yourself by scouring the internet for different solutions. Having a clear picture of what is available in the market will help you determine what you’ll need.

Determine Your Key Pain Points

Have a clear idea of what you’re trying to achieve with the new solution. Identify the challenges you’re trying to address, this will help you narrow in on the most applicable solutions.

Take Advantage of Demos

Once you have a shortlist of HR vendors, request for a demonstration. This will give you the most information and help you determine if what they have to offer is a fit for your needs.

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