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An Unexpected Path into Recruitment

A Graduate in Fashion Design would be one of the last people you’d expect to go into finance and accounting recruitment, but that’s exactly the path Links International’s Assistant Recruitment Manager Winki Wong followed.

Winki has shattered the mold by excelling in finance recruitment without extensive prior experience in the industry. In this episode of Employee Stories, we learn about how her determination has helped her succeed in the competitive world of recruitment.

Unearthing a Gem – Recognising Her Potential

For many people entering recruitment, it may be something they’ve planned for a long time, paving a natural path for them into the industry. However, in Winki’s situation, it was a friend that recognised her exceptional people skills being perfect for developing a career in recruitment. After deciding to take a dive in the deep end and interviewing at a notable recruitment firm, the interviewer also saw her budding abilities which would ultimately allow her to flourish in finance and accounting recruitment.

Even though she lacked the academic background in finance, she did not let this stop her from becoming an outstanding recruiter in this field. Endless reading and studying of finance and accounting related content coupled with strong willpower to learn, helped her build an excellent foundation of knowledge in the trade. Interacting with clients and candidates has allowed her to further build on her foundation, with new experiences helping her to continue to grow her understanding.   

Winki Wong
Assistant Recruitment Manager – Finance & Accounting

Continuing Her Development Path with Links International

After 3 years at the firm, she wanted a change in scenery. Links International offered a very different working environment and culture for her. For Winki, Links provided her with an opportunity to take more ownership of projects.

While at large recruitment firms, recruiters may have a set schedule of tasks, a boutique firm like Links offers recruiters more flexibility and control of projects. She explained that people working in Links are also more mature and well established in their fields with extensive expertise, which has helped her further progress as a recruiter. With a presence in over 17 locations and 20+ years of established recruitment experience, especially in Hong Kong and Singapore, Links has enabled Winki to expand her horizons and see recruiting from new angles.

She has also revealed that Links’ full range of services in HR Outsourcing, enables her to offer a more complete package to clients when pitching, which in turn has helped her build a deeper bond and understanding with them.

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Winki’s Secrets to Becoming a Good Recruiter

As Winki has proved, you don’t need to have all the prior knowledge in an industry to succeed. You can develop your wisdom through perseverance and dedication to the cause. Many people would think that to become a good recruiter you would need to be some sort of social butterfly. However, according to Winki, there are other skills that are more important for becoming an elite recruiter.

She states that attention to detail and listening to clients/candidates are more important than being just social. Showing a true understanding of the concerns and needs of people is crucial in building long-lasting relationships. The relations you build will provide the basis for bridging connections between clients and candidates.

Finding the perfect candidate for a job position will always be a top priority for well-run businesses, and by being in recruitment you can be involved with this important process. Connecting the right person to a client has always been a rewarding experience for Winki and spurs her on in her recruitment career.

Constantly adapting your approach is also vital in this ever-changing world. Techniques that worked a year ago may not necessarily work now. It is important to learn and change with the process according to Winki. Those who adapt will succeed, while those that are more rigid with their approach will struggle.

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Make Time for Your Hobbies & Interests

Recruitment takes a lot of relationship building and you are constantly meeting new people. Although incredibly rewarding, recruitment is a demanding job and can be strenuous at times. That is why Winki suggests that you should always do something you love on your days off. For Winki, her love for animals impels her to do voluntary work related to them. It is an excellent way for her to recharge herself and prepare for the recruiting world.

How She Sees Demand for Finance Professionals in Hong Kong

Although Hong Kong has gone through challenging times in recent years, Winki says demand for skilled financial professionals like Data Analysts and Internal Auditors has been strong. As Hong Kong is a global financial hub, she does not see demand weakening but remaining stable or even growing.

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