How to trust your recruitment consultant: Meet them in person!


As a recruitment consultant in Hong Kong, I often hear negative feedback from candidates looking for a job in Hong Kong who have had a bad experience with their recruiter. I feel very sorry for them, but also upset to hear this. Below are the two most common bad experiences I have heard from candidates looking for jobs in Hong Kong:

I don’t like the role but the recruiter pushed me to accept it 

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Oh dear. You are an adult and no one can push you to accept a job offer if you don’t want to. If you don’t like the job at first sight, you should tell your recruitment consultant. Once you accept the job, you are required to commit to it. Leaving a role after a short period of time affects not only the company, but also your track record of jobs on your CV. This is why you need to think twice before accepting a job offer.

From my point of view, I would rather my candidate accept a job offer happily than hesitate about it. If you are happy in your role, you will stay longer, you will keep contributing and you will help the company to succeed.

A happy candidate equals a happy client and therefore a happy recruitment consultant! It’s a win, win, win situation! Remember, you are the one who ultimately makes the decisions with regards to your career and your future.

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The recruiter submitted my CV without my consent!

This is the most annoying issue ever. How annoying would it be if your profile was submitted to a company without you knowing and was presented to someone that you don’t know? This might put you at risk!

Recruiters should always get your prior approval before presenting your information to any client. Even it was a confidential search, a recruiter should be able to provide you with some basic information to prevent duplicate application on the client’s side.

So how can you avoid getting yourself into a bad experience with your recruitment consultant? 

I do believe that trust can be gained more easily if you meet someone in person. Meet your recruiter in advance just to make sure you feel comfortable with who is presenting your profile to your potential employer. And, of course, a face-to-face meeting with your recruitment consultant can make sure you have a clear understanding of the position for which you are applying and what kind of procedure is involved in the job application. I admit there are bad recruiters out there – they talk all the time and won’t listen to what their candidate needs. That’s the reason you should meet with recruiters and see which one suits you and understands you the most.

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