A Market Update on HR and Administration jobs in Hong Kong

By Sophia Wong – Consultant, Human Resources & Administration Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

Perhaps many of you are waiting for your first half of the year review to begin and perhaps you are hoping for an increment, or a promotion, or great recognition from management. 

Why not take a moment to review some of the interesting figures and job flow in the Human Resources and Administration field in Hong Kong over the first half of 2017?

Human Resources

  1. Job Vacancies and Hiring Intentions

market-update-hr-administration-jobs-hong-kong-2017-2.jpgHR has been recognised as one of the most fundamental functions within a firm, as it drives people dynamics and identifies the right talent joining the group to meet business needs. For the first half of 2017, HR opportunities have been predominantly active for HR Managers, HRBP, VP, and Head of HR (senior management positions), due to the need for effective strategic planning. Comparatively, the middle and junior HR openings have been based on replacement and coverage basis. The job scope of HR professionals nowadays tends to be quite lean, and thus HR teams will need someone with all-round capabilities and flexibilities.

  1. Promotions and Salary Increments

Compensation & Benefits and Payroll Specialists tend to have steady salary increments, as the movement within this area of HR is also somewhat low and stable. On the other hand, the demand for HR Generalists and Talent Acquisition professionals is slightly higher, as it’s getting more challenging to attract and retain talent in the workforce.  Therefore, companies are allocating more resources toward the recruitment and HRBP teams in order to optimise the quality manpower within the company.


  1. Job Vacancies and Hiring Intentions

iStock_000021825301Small.jpgOffice Administration and Secretarial vacancies within the financial sector, the legal industry and the commercial field were relatively set to be replacement roles rather than new business expansion. As expected, the most active hiring plans happened in late Q2 and are continuing into early Q3, as people have received their mid-year bonus and conducted reviews for H1. The hiring intention for Admin roles has tended to be either junior (below HKD 25K) or senior (HKD 40K or above) level, including Junior Admin Assistant and Managerial grading. The hiring for middle levels has somewhat fluctuated from our perspective. Yet, with the growth of Fintech companies, we are optimistic about the need for Admin candidates going forward.

  1. Promotions and Salary Increments

With performance reviews completed for H1, we have been receiving great updates from both client and candidate sides regarding internal promotions and pay raises. Therefore, the job market continues to look positive for new replacements, due to recent promotions within the corporation. However, we forecast that the actual number of promotions and salary increments will be more accurate once we see the annual reviews near the year-end.   

Generally speaking, while employers are positive and confident about the labour market situation, which will remain relatively steady towards the second half of the year, job seekers will continue to face a keen competition when looking for their ideal roles.

Our award-winning Human Resources and Administration recruitment team in Hong Kong is well-equipped to help candidates looking for their ideal job and clients looking to hire top talent. For all enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us today.