Links 2017 Yearly Roundup

“2017 has been an exciting year at Links International!”

That’s the usual opening for yearly round ups like this one. As the year comes to an end, many companies will put together a short article thanking clients and candidates for their support.

Well, instead of just telling you what we did, we’ve put together an infographic to show you some of the highlights from this year 🙂

2017 annual round up-1.png Not trying to be cliche, but 2017 has been quite the year at Links.

To mark the  success that we had achieved in  2016, the high-performers in the team were flown out to Koh Samui in Thailand in celebration of hitting and exceeding their annual targets. Starting on a high, we entered the year, motivated to achieve more and reach for even higher targets.

This meant the expansion of our reach and services in Asia, starting with  the strengthening of our office in Vietnam. With a local team led by Van Nguyen, the local Payroll Manager in charge of Vietnam, who has over 10 years’ experience in payroll practices and providing labour management, as well as compensation & benefits advice in Vietnam. For those who may be interested in outsourcing payroll in Vietnam, you may check out our Vietnam payroll page or  Van’s article  on the ‘Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll in Vietnam‘.

This year, we have also opened offices in Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia, further increasing our presence across Asia-Pacific. We are now proud to provide HR solutions for over 15 countries in Asia, providing in-country support, whether through our own staff, or through the use of a local payroll partner.

Leaders in HR

As a leader in HR, Links makes every effort to lead the conversation in the HR industry, informing HR leaders of the latest trends and opening up the dialogue to help HR professionals bring greater value into the business environment.

As a result, we created our HR Leaders event series, tailored for both the retail and financial services industries, where we bring new and innovative ideas from the market and discuss HR challenges among professionals.

We’ve written summaries for some of the events. Click below for more information on each topic:

As we were keen to reach and influence more people, besides the HR Leaders events which are an invite-exclusive event, this year we also hosted our first webinar, talking about analytics-enabled talent management.

The webinar featured guest speaker Mohit Seth, Founder and CEO of Green Lane Talent Management, and during the session we looked into the CBD leadership model, helping organisations identify, engage, and retain their best talent.

Groundbreaking Innovation

As an innovative HR servicing agency situated in Asia, we found that a major pain point for HR teams was the lack of supporting software to help manage cross-country payroll. As a result, our HR outsourcing team has been putting together an encompassing payroll system, Links One, which was officially launched in early November.

Links One is a single payroll solution across Asia that offers a single, highly-configurable user interface, removing the need for multiple single country payroll solutions, meanwhile leveraging powerful HR analytics and elevating HR functions through the use of Links AI and chatbots.

Our aim was to bring higher value into the workspace, looking for solutions that will streamline HR processes, while drawing greater insights to drive business decisions. As more studies indicate the importance of employer branding, we’ve created a system that would help HR teams upgrade their HR toolkit, creating a more cohesive experience for their staff, making each touch point with the employer brand a more sophisticated one.

Wins & Recognition

Thanks to our constant strive towards quality service and innovation, this year we’ve been recognised by various award boards including Asia Recruitment Awards and also HR Vendors of the Year.

Lastly, we want to say thanks once again to everyone who has contributed to making 2017 a great year for us and we look forward to many more milestones and achievements together in 2018! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018!

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