Grab hold of your future with our 2018 Asia Salary Snapshot

It’s a new year, a time of change and renewal. As we walk into 2018, there is much to anticipate, with new hopes and aspirations for both our personal and professional lives.

At work, it is also a time of movement, as many are either deciding on a new opportunity or negotiating for a better deal at their current environment. Are you looking to up your game in your professional career? If so, then you’re in for a treat!

For decades, pay has been discussed in the dark with no assertion on the side of the candidate due to information asymmetry. It’s like going into a currency exchange store with no point of reference of the actual exchange rate. As negotiators, we need to arm ourselves with information in order to fight for the best outcome.

In the analogy of the currency exchange, if we didn’t know the market rate, we’re then stuck with an arbitrary number, making the decision to either take or decline the deal a potentially unfavourable one.

To make the right decisions for your career, it’s important that you have the necessary information which means to have a grasp of the upcoming salary trends. While new companies are growing more transparent in their approach towards pay, the majority of companies still practice pay secrecy. The other problem is, there’s little resource available to us that allows us to determine the “fair market rate”. For this reason Links has put together the 2018 Asia Salary Snapshot.


As an award-winning industry leader in innovative human resources outsourcing in Asia, our aim is to help both HR leaders and candidates achieve their potential. Annually at the beginning of every year, Links will roll out the  Asia Salary Snapshot, which is a report demonstrating industrial insights into the new year in Asia.

Collating information from over 1,000 candidates and clients across the Asia-Pacific region, we’ve put together a salary report and analysis covering the following industries:

Our goal in putting together this survey and creating this free resource is to help you gain a better insight and understanding into 2018’s salary trends, helping you advance in your career.

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