Links Career Tree – This is the lifestyle you’ll have in 2, 5 or 10 years’ time

Ever wondered what lifestyle your career will enable you to have? You’re not alone – the best candidates always ask us:

  1. Salary – How much can I earn if I take this role?
  2. Career – What career progression will I have?
  3. Work-life balance – What work-life balance and overseas career opportunities can I look forward to?

As an industry, recruiters have created huge amounts of materials answering the salary question through salary surveys, salary reports and so on.  Conversely, the increasingly common questions of career progression, work-life balance and overseas opportunities have not received the attention they deserve.

However, Links International’s new career tool, Links Career Tree, lets you plan your career and answer the above three crucial questions in under 1 minute.  What’s even better is that Links Career Tree helps you make your dream career a reality by enabling you to then apply for the jobs that will take your career to the next level.

Watch the video above or click this link to see our demo.

How Links Career Tree works

Links Career Tree is an easy to use, innovative way for you to plot your future career and visually see where your career will take you in two, three, five or even 10 years’ time.

  1. To begin, simply select your country and industry;
  2. Next ‘plant’ the seed relevant to your particular field of specialism;
  3. Finally, start exploring your potential career paths.

At each step, you can check what salary, annual leave and level of mobility in Asia you can expect at each stage of your career, enabling you to plan the future you want.  How much will you earn with five years’ experience in HR? How much leave and work-life balance will you have working as a Compliance Manager? How easy will it be for you to land a job working overseas as an EA?

Most importantly, at any time during your career planning, you can take action on making your planned career a reality by clicking to see all our jobs within this particular industry and start applying for your dream job. Don’t have your CV on you? No problem – you can apply for jobs with your LinkedIn profile, create a job alert or save your job search for a future time.

How far will you take your career?  Grow your career with Links Career Tree and take control of your future now!

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