Links Employee Stories: Surprising Start into Recruitment

Ever Had a Bad Candidate Experience?

Poor candidate experience is a real challenge in recruitment. Perhaps you too have come across a few snobby recruiters yourself.

Recruitment in Hong Kong can be especially tough, thanks to the pace of business. Pressured to meet targets, some recruiters can be downright brutal in their approach. This was what sparked Stanley’s career into recruitment.

Story of The Butterfly- Breaking Boundaries & Challenging Conventions

Stanley Chan is the HR & Administration Recruitment Manager at Links International. With over 5 years of experience in recruitment, his story is especially empowering.

After being a sales in the logistics industry for more than 4 years, he wanted a change of speed. Looking for new opportunities, Stanley approached different recruiters as a candidate in his early thirties. His experience as a candidate however, was upsetting. 

He wanted to explore other industries as a salesperson, but the opportunities pushed at him only pigeon-holed him more.

Feeling wronged by his experience as a candidate, he was inspired to pursue a career in recruitment. Determined to set things straight, he vouched to become a recruiter who would treat candidates with more respect. Unfortunately, this too was met with a challenge.

Where age should not have been a problem, it was for Stanley when he applied to different employment agencies for a junior position in recruitment. The break came when he applied to Links.  It was at Links where he was hired for his authentic insights into people, a crucial ability in recruitment where candidate fit is key.

Now, 5 years later, Stanley has proved himself as an invaluable member of the recruitment team, earning his place in the employment space with his strong performance in placing candidates.

A Career in Employment for the HR and Administrative Function

Talent acquisition in Human Resources and Administration is unlike other functions. Where turnover is more fluid in a function like sales and marketing, HR and administration is more seasonal. 

A critical challenge in hiring for HR and administration is in time management. This means meeting client demands during high seasons and proactively developing the business during other times of the year.

The vision for Links’ Human Resources and Administrative recruitment team is to create more diversity in the market. Filling both C-level and senior roles, we aim to branch out, servicing both traditional inquiries as well as niche market demands. 

For anyone looking to build a career in recruitment, time and stress management will be key, says Stanley.

Stanley Chan_ HRA Recruitment

“Recruitment as a career can be quite sticky. You’ll have to learn to manage between your projects and your personal time. Taking time off to detox will help deal with the natural stress that comes with the job. ”

Stanley Chan, Recruitment Manager – HR & Administration

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