Links International makes great pizza!

Group Celebration

Links International cares about its employees and strongly believes that meeting important business targets should be commended and rewarded. That’s why last week, after reaching our Q1 target, our Hong Kong recruitment and payroll outsourcing office was taken on a surprise adventure that involved making – and subsequently eating – pizza!

Group of People Holding Pizzas

Every Friday at Links ends with the team getting together for a drink. Last Friday, the drinks came out a little earlier than usual, in celebration of our ‘Q1 incentive outing’. We ventured down to Pizza Express, where, after first celebrating a couple of employees’ birthdays (with some exceptional salted caramel and pretzel ice cream cake!), we donned our aprons and chef’s hats and got ready to prepare our pizzas. We were each given a ball of pizza dough and learnt how to knead it, roll it, toss it and stretch it, ready to be made into our own delicious pizzas with our own choice and combination of toppings.

Women Making Pizza

Although not all of Links’ employees can be classed as masterchefs, it was a fun learning experience for everyone, with the main lesson being that there is such a thing as too much cheese! Pizza Express’ chefs judged all the pizzas and selected their favourite, the owner of which was awarded a prize.

Activities like these are important for the success of any business. Rewarding employees for their hard work incentivises them to continue to work hard and reach or even exceed targets that have been set. At the same time, it’s also a chance for the team to get together outside of the office and do something fun and relaxing, whilst getting to know each other better.


At Links, we get together outside of the office on a regular basis, to make sure that there is always the right balance of hard work and fun rewards. We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our team. If this sounds like the sort of environment that you would be suited to, please do not hesitate to get in touch.