Links International Unveils Links One: Workforce Asia – time tracking, overtime compliance and rapid roster building made easy!

Leading Asia in-country Payroll provider Links International is thrilled to announce the launch of its modern and rapidly deployable time and attendance product, Workforce Asia. Nestled into the Links One HR Portal, Workforce Asia massively reduces the time spent on workforce management and overtime compliance by enabling time tracking to be deployed without time attendance hardware, rapid roster building in 3 clicks or less and simple review of exceptions all integrated as a single employee experience alongside pay, tax, leave, attendance and benefits in Links One.

Workforce Asia’s UI and UX is designed to streamline workforce management for mid-market businesses with up to 5,000 headcounts. The modern and ‘low click’ design of the UI and UX design of the platform sets it apart from existing solutions and frees up HR teams to focus on strategic HR initiatives and HR transformation. Backed by a powerful rules engine, Workforce Asia enables HR teams automated control over employee OT hours, auto-acceptance of shifts, OT pre-approvals, and grace periods based on site or company rules to maintain compliance and workforce balance.

Workforce Management

“Workforce management processes are commonly cited as a “heavy lift” for many payroll operations, driving demand amongst employers of all sizes for digital solutions to modernize and harmonize time and attendance processes in concert with payroll. Adding Workforce Asia to the Links International offering further enhances its ability to offer APAC employers a one-stop shop of technology-enabled workforce solutions.“

– Pete A. Tiliakos
Principal Analyst, Advisor | Founder
GxT Advisor

The Ultimate Employee Experience: At the heart of Workforce Asia is the ultimate employee experience, ensuring maximum engagement and productivity. Employees can conveniently clock in and out using a dynamic QR code via the mobile app or desktop, eliminating the need for specialized time tracking hardware.

Links One’s mobile app empowers employees to effortlessly manage various aspects of their work, including tracking time worked, overtime hours, annual leave, upcoming shifts, payslips, tax forms, and expenses anytime, anywhere. Instant notifications keep employees informed about shift changes, releases, and leave applications, fostering seamless communication and collaboration within the organization.  Workforce Asia enables employees to easily accept, reject, and swap assigned shifts based on availability, promoting a healthy work-life balance and overall job satisfaction. The platform’s multiple language support ensures inclusivity and user-friendliness for a diverse workforce across Asia.

Furthermore, Workforce Asia is fully integrated with Links’ Award-Winning Payroll Services, providing businesses with a comprehensive and seamless HR solution from start to finish.

Experience the future of Workforce Management: Links International invites businesses across industries to experience the future of workforce management with Workforce Asia. To learn more about this groundbreaking platform and its features, visit