Links International Wishes You a Happy Chinese New Year

Here’s to new beginnings in the Year of the Dog. May your hearts be filled with happiness and joy.

Links would  like to thank you for your support over the past year and we look forward to our continued relationship throughout the Year of the Dog and beyond!

Red and Yellow Lanterns Chinese New Year Poster.png

We hope you have an enjoyable time with family and friends as you walk into the new year. In this spirit of new beginnings, we would also like to share with you our recently launched 2018 Asia Salary Snapshot, our comprehensive salary guide that features HR and salary trends for 2018, so that you can enter into the Year of the Dog with hope and clarity. Over the Chinese New Year holidays is the perfect time to think about your career in Asia and consider if you are being paid what you are worth.

Links’ offices will be closed from February 16 to February 19. All services will resume on Tuesday 20th February (apart from our China offices, which will reopen on Thursday 22nd February).

We hope you have a great one!

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