Links’ Macau Recruiter enters Hedge Fund Fight Nite

As many of you may be aware, we have our very own Rocky Balboa here at Links International! Las Rodrigo, Head of Recruitment for Links’ Macau office has been training hard over the past few months for the Hedge Fund Fight Nite, an amateur boxing event that will be held at the Conrad Hotel here in Hong Kong on 17th June.

Other than the odd Piña Colada that Las enjoyed whilst holidaying in Malaysia (a very manly drink, in line with his manly boxing training, I’m sure you’d agree) Las hasn’t had a drink all year and has been training almost every day (sometimes twice a day!) to ensure that he is in great shape for this gruelling challenge. As we’re sure you can imagine, being in recruitment, abstaining from alcohol is enough of a challenge in itself!

Over the four months leading up to the big event, there have been monthly eliminations of boxers who didn’t quite have what it takes to make it to the final showdown. We were all pleased to hear that Las made it through the final cut, proving that his dedication and hard work – the very same that he puts into his role at Links – have paid off.

Despite a minor injury that caused a small setback, Las is now ready and raring to go and we are excited to watch him in action in three weeks’ time. Thankfully, other than biting our fingernails in nervous anticipation, all we have to do is show up dressed to the nines and enjoy a tasty four-course meal with matching wines that will continue to flow until we get a little over-excited by the live auction and bid on things we most definitely do not need! Thankfully all the proceeds go towards three very worthy causes: Beam International Foundation, Operation Breakthrough and the Sovereign Art Foundation.

We are certain that it will be an excellent evening for all involved and wish Las and all the other boxers the best of luck on the night. It takes a great deal of courage to even sign up for this event, let alone get through the hours of training and sparring, leading to those nerve-wracking three rounds in the ring. Now let’s see what you’ve got, Las! No pressure!

More details about the event can be found here.