Links’ New Addition to the Team : Driving Decisions with HR

HR Managers are usually not the most popular people in the workplace. Even if you don’t agree with this comment, chances are you’ve heard of the things that are being said about them.

Often portrayed as the meddling antagonist in TV shows and movies, HR Managers carry the weight of being the middleman between the company and its staff (oftentimes in-charge of doing the dirty work, such as hiring and firing employees). With such a challenging job, it’s no surprise they’re seen as the enemy.

However, it is precisely this unique position of the middleman that affords them the opportunity to make a difference in a big way. At Links International, we believe that good HR has a significant role to play and has the opportunity to drive business decisions.

To set an example, we recently hired our first Regional HR Manager, Alex King. She will be responsible for supporting the growth of our in-house talent as well as people development across Asia through on job training and attracting the best staff.

About Alex

Links New Hire - Achieving Decision Driving HR - Alex King_headshot-1-293539-edited.jpgBorn and raised in New Zealand, Alex has worked in different parts of the world. With over 7 years of experience in HR, she is equipped with a wealth of knowledge, yet demonstrates a fresh and friendly approach to her work. Focused on people first, she has a passion for helping people achieve their best in the workplace.

Seeing her keen belief in building a constructive and transparent culture in the workplace, we are more than excited to welcome her into the Links family.

HR at Links

logo-new.jpgPeople, staffing and retention are at the core of all business growth. For this reason, we aim to bring focus towards motivating people to be the best version of themselves by providing ‘Best in Class‘ activities across the board, from talent acquisition and onboarding, to staff development and Links’ overall HR policy.

We aspire to create a healthy work environment that encourages growth and learning by stressing the importance of nurturing talent in the workplace and setting an example for decision-driving HR.

If you would like to read more about effective HR, check out our previous article, ‘#1 Missing Skillset to Achieving Strategic HR’.

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