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To our valuable readers, exciting news!

We noticed that as our business grew, covering more service locations and lines of service, our blog topics has become more and more disparate. Sometimes this was a matter of resource and the wide ranging trends and insights in the HR community, which meant certain topics may be pushed down the pipeline.

We didn’t want to overlook any of the queries our readers may have so entering 2019, Links launched a new series called the HR Power Tools.

HR Power Tools

The Links’ HR Power Tools series is designed to guide readers by making the relevant articles and materials available to them. Our idea was to create a series that would speak to our various audiences, from HR professionals, to business owners, and candidates.

01_HR Power Tools_Talent AcquisitionEach month, we will tailor the content to a specific audience base, and hand-pick a selection of articles to guide them through a query relevant to them. Our first email just went out earlier last week on Talent Acquisition in a Candidate driven market.

If you would like to be a part of this initiative, sign up to the HR Power Tools mailing list or our Monthly Insights mailing for a highlight of our monthly posts.

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