HR Software Integration: Access Payslips and Leave via Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest-growing default communication platforms among international businesses. Besides instant messaging and meeting tools, the platform offers a range of features for collaboration and quick access to other Microsoft 365 applications. What most people don’t know is that the platform also provides workforce management solutions and its ability to integrate with other payroll solutions and HR software makes Microsoft Teams the perfect tool for HR teams.

Can Employees Access Payslips and Leave from Microsoft Teams?

The short answer is – Yes, if you choose to! Boost employee experience by narrowing the gap between your people and HR! Links One now offers a Microsoft Teams integration, so your employees can access key HR functions, including requesting for time off and accessing payslips on Microsoft Teams. When implemented correctly, employee self-service can also drastically cut down the administrative burden on your HR staff and payroll teams

How Links One Integrate with Microsoft Teams to Streamline the Process

Logging in and out of multiple systems makes an employee’s HR experience a clunky process. With Links One payroll, employees can directly manage tax forms, apply for leave and access their payslips on Microsoft Teams.

Have HR-related questions? Manage them straight from Teams as well! Supported by AI chatbot functionality, your employees can get answers around the clock with zero wait time.


Payroll Software - Teams Integration Chatbot

We’ve also packed it with security features, so your employees’ information is only visible to them!

Bring the HR experience closer to your employees. Streamline your HR today by eliminating disruptions to your workforce. Use Links One payroll, now with Microsoft Teams integrations.