Most Meaningful Team Building Activity Yet: With Photos!

At Links we do a lot of different team building activities. We have the Links Olympics and our annual boat trip just to name a few. Seeing how this year was our 20th year in business, we wanted to engage in a way that gave back to the community, so last week our HK team went all the way to Tuen Mun to volunteer at Crossroads Foundation.

Touching the lives of many, Crossroads Foundation is a non-profit charity based in Hong Kong, connecting those with resources to those who need help. Their work is recognised around the world, encouraging people to lend their skills and goods to people in need. 



Rallying our team in Hong Kong, Links participated in various activities, lending our time and expertise to different departments. Our tasks on the day included:

  • Sorting and packing donated goods e.g. toys, household goods, clothing, electrical goods, computers, books;
  • Cleaning and prepping computers and electrical goods to a near pristine condition so children around the world could learn and use computers;
  • Moving & building  furniture, preparing cartons for shipment, unloading donated goods off trucks;
  • Container loading: Sorting and loading container with donated goods bound for NGOs in nations all over the world to provide help for communities and the people they care for.

Volunteering at Crossroads Foundation not only gave us a good work out but also allowed us to bond internally with people from different departments, making it one of the most meaningful team building activities yet.

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IMG-20191025-WA0012Enjoy sorting out clothes? Volunteering can be as easy as that!


IMG_20191025_151704What happens to your old computers once your organisation has a company wide update? Well you can donate it to Crossroads Foundation and they will restore it to near new conditions for others in need!



IMG_20191025_163642Enjoy puzzles? Ever tried putting furniture together without instructions? For the team who likes a challenge, they helped out at incoming by putting furniture together.


Crossroad Scott

IMG_20191029_103157A special thank you to Links International and  everyone who participated on the day!

Crossroad Team 2
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