Navigating the Banking, Finance and Accounting Industry: An Employee’s Journey at Links Recruitment

In the ever-evolving landscape of the Banking, Finance and Accounting industry, every phase presents unique challenges and opportunities. We connect with Winki Wong, a seasoned Manager in Recruitment for Banking, Finance & Accounting at Links International, a leading recruitment agency. Winki unveils insights into the industry’s dynamics, sharing the keys to a successful career in both recruitment and at Links International.

Banking, Finance and Accounting in 2023: What’s happened so far?

In early 2023, major banking firms like Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse underwent significant staff reductions. Winki maintains a pragmatic view, noting that major banks are approaching hiring with caution.

On the brighter side, FI in Hong Kong, 16 prominent banks, including HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Bank of China, are actively participating in the launch of the e-HKD Pilot Programme to test digital currency for public use. This drive is increasing the demand for talent with the requisite skills and experience in this field.

Winki added that Hong Kong’s Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Christopher Hui Ching-yu, has suggested that the city’s economy could experience a 5.5% growth in 2023 if it continues to ride its current momentum, promising a dynamic landscape for banking professionals in the coming months.

Which roles are showing growth across various industries?

When asked about the current dominant roles in the market for the second half of the year, Winki shared that positions related to digital transformation and data analysis are gaining traction. Companies are now keen on streamlining their processes which has led to an increasing demand for finance transition experts. Accounting and data system skills have been in high demand which has turned out to be one of the extra skills that can make finance candidates stand out from the rest.

How does Links assist clients in growing their business?

Winki takes pride in explaining that, “Links is a one-stop destination for clients looking for HR management and hiring solutions.” Her dedicated team possesses deep industry knowledge and experience, offering recruitment solutions across various levels and industries within this sector.

Understanding the urgency of filling roles in the industry, Winki’s team excels with agility. The team at Links deeply dives into the root of the client’s business and shares market insights on how some of the leading finance teams in the market are structured, providing a solution that creates opportunity and stability.

Can you share a successful case that exemplifies client satisfaction with our services?

One of the notable success stories that Winki recounted is a case in which her team played a pivotal role in rebuilding a finance team. The challenge was monumental – high turnover rates and a stream of departures had left the team destabilised. Collaborating closely with the Chief Financial Officer, her team delved deep into the market dynamics and revamped the team structure. The result was a stabilised team, showcasing dedication to providing not just candidates, but holistic solutions.

How did you build your business and team at Links?

Winki has been an integral part of Links recruitment agency for 3 years, and her journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. She dedicated herself to building a team that is clients and candidate centric. Over time, the team consists of mixed experience with each specialising in different industries and functions, shaping a well-rounded and efficient approach.  

Fostering a collaborative environment was crucial. She and her team regularly share experiences, discuss cases, and find innovative solutions, not only within the close-knit group but also in collaboration with the recruitment teams from different regions. This cross-regional connection broadened their perspectives and allowed them to identify top talent for clients more effectively.

Additionally, Winki introduced a team-based approach, emphasising candidate sharing and collective efforts to meet clients’ needs. “The company’s ethos of empowerment is a big part contributing to today’s success, not only to myself but also for the entire team,” she emphasised.

How you describe your leadership style?

Winki’s leadership style is collaborative and adaptive. Open communication and active team participation are cornerstones of her approach. Empowering her team with authority and offering growth and development opportunities, both short-term and long-term, is a vital aspect of her leadership philosophy. She believes in enabling her team to excel, evolve, and deliver exceptional results through teamwork and adaptability.

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