Sales & Marketing Managers Still in High Demand in Macau

Today, Links International’s Macau office was featured in a two-page interview in Macau Business Daily, based on our 2016 Asia Salary Snapshot.

Our Head of Recruitment over in Macau, Las Rodrigo, was approached by the newspaper to give his comments on the hiring market in Macau and the trends he has seen over the past year.

In the interview, Las explains how there is a high demand for sales and marketing professionals, yet Macau’s local labour force often falls short of the standards expected of them. Furthermore, due to a high turnover of employees and a struggle to retain talent, it’s difficult to offer a solid training and development base.

The interview also covers salary increases, bonuses and the difficulty of ‘blue card’ applications for foreigners to work in Macau.

To read the full article, click here.