The key to retaining talent: employee perks

In a competitive market, many companies just don’t understand why they struggle to retain talent. One reason could without a doubt be their (lack of) employee perks.As shown in our 2016 Asia Salary Snapshot, salary remains the most important factor across the region that is most likely to influence a job move. Yet most employers thought that the company’s financial health and stability are most important to their employment brand, with salary and benefits only coming of second or third importance.
These days, when employees are comparing companies and making the all-important decision of which path to take towards career fulfilment, certain perks that one company offers over another can make all the difference. So what might these perks be? Anything from flexible work schedules that allow employees to work from home on their own schedule, to comprehensive health and dental insurance plans, to discretionary bonuses and quarterly incentives, as well as of course a decent annual leave entitlement to allow for that much sought after work-life balance. It doesn’t cost much, either in the literal or theoretical sense, to implement certain perks that will lead to happy employees and ultimately employee engagement. Are you offering a good work-life balance? Or could you be doing more to retain your talent? As a job seeker, are you being rewarded for what you do? Or do you deserve a little more than what you’re getting? Is it time to look around and see what another company might offer? To speak to one of our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.