Top 5 tips to start your day happy

By Las Rodrigo – Head of Recruitment, Links International Macau

Whether you’re looking for a new job or not, every morning, the same thoughts cross your mind. It’s that time again, your alarm bell rings at 6am, 7am, or 8am, depending on what time you start work and how long it takes you to get ready and commute to the office.

What is the first thing you think of?

“Oh no…I could really do with another 5 minutes. I will take a snooze.”
“I have so much I need to do today.”
“I really need a holiday.”
“I better get up to feed the dog.”

There could be a variety of thoughts, but I’m confident that more than once you have genuinely not wanted to get up and go into work and would rather be going back to sleep.


We often go through phases where we don’t like what we do in our jobs, no matter what level we are operating at – whether we’re a Managing Director or a junior office worker.

Our work, however, should not only give us a feeling of self-purpose, but it also pays us our salaries so that we can fulfil our financial commitments and enjoy the things we like to do outside of working hours.

It is vitally important that we are happy in what we do and take on the challenges we encounter both at work and in our personal lives positively. In order to do that, however, we have to get up positive and start the day with that exact same mindset.

I’m not about to give you the ‘Mr Motivator’ chat and say that you should be doing a Rocky-style run and workout at 6am (believe me, I’ve done this with varying effects), but I have a few tips that do work in order to start your day with the right mindset that will help you to achieve your goals.

1. Stretch!

You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym like I mentioned before. A really good stretch in bed for a few minutes will improve your mood, your overall self-esteem and boost your energy. Remember to practise your breathing too, so that you can feel relaxed during the day.

2. Spread a little joy!

We all tend to check our phones for those emails or texts first thing in the morning. Why don’t you send a text or call a friend that you appreciate and spread some happy thoughts? Both you and the recipient will start your day with a smile.

3. Prepare the night before!

Plan your routine in advance – make your lunch if you need to, get your paperwork in the folder ready, your keys and wallet all together, you can even plan your outfit ahead of time. You will be less stressed if you aren’t rushing around trying to find all of these if they are already in place.

4. Put some music on!

I’m not talking heavy metal or hardcore music (even if that is your preferred choice) but something uplifting, a peaceful melody or some songs from your youth that make you smile. Trust me, it works.

5. Stay relaxed!

It’s going to be a challenging day, deadlines have to be met, your boss is on the warpath, your place is a mess, etc. etc. Keep calm. If you go at these activities all stressed, chances are you won’t fully perform. If you can’t relax, work is really stressing you and you are not happy, then it’s probably time to make a change.

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