Why Employee Engagement Matters- Links’ Trip to Ocean Park

For anyone who’s been closely following HR trends, they may already be very familiar with the phrase “employee engagement”. While more companies have started to adopt ways to improve employee engagement, not everyone grasps the true value of it. 

Since employee engagement is still a relatively new concept, not many organisations have the proper means to measure its effect, leading many to view employee engagement more as an abstract feeling than a concrete behaviour.

Highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable.

Fortunately, we can find more clarity on the effect of positive employee engagement in a study conducted by Gallup. In the study, it was found that teams scoring in the top 20% in engagement saw a 41% reduction in absenteeism and 59% less turnover.  

Motivating Our People so They Can Help You Find the Best Talent

Knowing the importance of belonging and employee engagement, we recently sent our Hong Kong recruitment team on a half day team building retreat to Ocean Park. 

With our recruitment team in Hong Kong quickly growing in size, our aim was to have team event that would allow everyone to know each other better so they can more efficiently communicate and tackle their day to day work together.

Here’s some photos from the day!

Employee Engagement

Recruitment Graphic

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