Year-end performance appraisals – Be prepared!

We are now at the start of Q4, meaning there is less than 25% of 2016 remaining.

As a recruitment consultant in Asia, I can tell you that now is the time to prepare yourself for a conversation with your direct reporting line regarding your annual performance review. By properly preparing for your appraisal meeting, you can ensure that your manager has a broader picture of your performance and career goals for the future. Here are some notes that may help you prepare:

Review your last appraisal and be specific on your accomplishments

Gather information from your previous appraisal. You will have been set goals by your manager, so review these and see if you have achieved them. This will help you to rate yourself, see how far you have grown and which areas you need to improve on, or if there are any particular skill-sets that you would like to develop.

Tell your supervisor what you have achieved and how you added value to your role. Be as detailed as possible when giving examples of your performance. Your manager might have a number of subordinates, therefore it’s good to remind them about your specific strengths within the team. Slightly magnifying your achievements won’t hurt!

During the appraisal meeting

Please remember that your performance appraisal should encourage more meaningful and positive two-way communication between you and your supervisor. Be honest about your struggles or anything you are finding difficult, and ask for coaching, mentoring or training. We should always be continually learning and developing in order to build on our strengths and improve our weaknesses.

We spend most of our time at our jobs. This is our career, therefore we have the control and responsibility to manage our own performance and ensure that we are pursuing our career goals. An effective performance appraisal is vital in order to help both your own and your company’s ongoing development. Start to prepare and don’t miss the chance to let your manager know what you are feeling about your role. If your expectations don’t align with your manager’s, then perhaps it is time to start looking for another opportunity.

If you need any further advice about how you can get the most out of your career, whether at your current role or elsewhere, please do not hesitate to contact us.