Business Development Jobs: Job Description, Salary Guide & Career Path

Business Developer

Members of Business Development are senior-level employees that manage and oversee a company’s business development. Business developers are primarily tasked with developing and diversifying business so that income increases and the business grows.

On this page, Links Recruitment will walk you through the role of Business Developer. For employers who are looking to hire a Business Developer, this page can assist you in generating an application for hiring your next Business Developer and attract quality candidates. For job seekers, you will learn more about the role as well as possible career paths as a Business Developer.

What is working as a Business Developer Like?

The job description of a Business Developer involves providing a link of communication between the company’s senior management and the company’s employees. Also, developers will be identifying sales leads, ideas and pitches for goods and services to new clients, as well as maintaining a feasible strategy for future development.

The following activities and responsibilities are generally included in a Business Development job description:

  • Expand both the local and international market, maintain a good relationship with different business parties and clients
  • Keep up with the marketing trend and develop marketing strategies to support the business expansion 
  • Apply strategies on different channels, such as social, email and paid advertising to explore new business opportunities
  • Develop products and services 
  • Work closely with other marketing teams and assist with the general marketing campaigns
  • Maintain relationships with clients 
  • Recognize consumer feedback and managerial issues
Job Duties

Working in business development is challenging, so you will need the right skills and experience to supplement this job position. 

  • Business Developers generally hold a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, PR, Marketing or Accounting. 
  • Some experience in senior-level experience is necessary. 
  • Must demonstrate strong decision-making skills as the management of businesses require lots of challenges. 
  • Good communication skills are important so they can speak and articulate ideas.
  • Having a strong sales character, and ability to negotiate and understand numbers is vital.
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The business development career path begins with a Business Development Representative position. This is an entry-level position that can be in the area of Marketing, Customer Service, Customer Success, and more. The next stage is the Business Development Manager. A Business Development Manager is responsible for leading a team of Business Development Representatives and owning the beginning of the sales process that involves marketing and sales-qualified leads. At the senior level, there are multiple titles which you can hold. Some future positions include a VP of Business Development or Director of Business Development.

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Business Development salary varies based on industry, company, location, and years of experience. Take a look at the following table for reference:

PositionNo. of Year ExperienceHong Kong Monthly Salary (HKD)Singapore Monthly Salary (SGD)China Monthly Salary (RMB)
Business Development Director12 +70K – 100K7.5K – 10K70K – 100K
Business Development Manager5 – 1040K – 50K6K – 7K40K – 60K

Check out Links International’s Salary Guide for more information and insights.

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