Employer Branding

Build and refine your employer branding to attract the best talent


Experiencing Talent Shortage?

Links’ Recruiter on Demand is a modern and cost-effective approach for companies to solve talent shortage.

Attract & Retain the Best Talent!

Don’t Want to Lose Talent to Competitors?

In this candidate-driven market, it can be hard to attract the right talent when you don’t have a clear employer brand. Start curating your employee touchpoints and stop losing your best people to the competition.

Build and fine-tune your employer branding strategy to attract and retain the best people to work for your company. Links International with over 20 years of Asia HR experience now offers employer branding services, helping companies examine and streamline their HR function.

A employer branding strategy can help you attract current and future employees to support your business growth.

Expand Overseas with Links International

Professional HR consultant with experience in your industry to advise on current HR operations

Examine employer branding communication channels to ensure they appeal to your target talent

Conduct in-depth competition analysis and provide strategic advice to better position your company to attract talent

Pinpoint key areas where you’re losing valuable talent

Tailored advice on boosting employee engagement level helping you attract and retain the best people in the market

Identify current pitfalls in talent and employee approach and provide solutions to improve employee experience

Updating your employee journey to competitively attract top candidates in the market

Professional auditing of your current HR collaterals to ensure your employer branding aligns with your corporate identity

Formulate unique employer branding strategies for your brand