Emerging Markets Payroll (EMP)

Emerging Markets Payroll (EMP) is a payroll alliance of three specialist Regional Payroll Providers that collectively offer comprehensive local HR and payroll support for 80+ countries worldwide in emerging markets across Asia Pacific, Africa, and Latin America.

At EMP, our team of 320+ is committed to bringing unity to streamline your payroll processes, ensuring a seamless journey for your business. Our team provides 100% in country local support in emerging markets local timezones.

Elevate Your Role with EMP's Payroll Outsourcing Services

Looking for a payroll provider in your sector who knows the ropes? Links EMP Services helps you save time and cuts cost. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

Why Choose EMP?

  • One Alliance for 80+ Emerging Markets: Enable MNCs and global payroll providers to go to one place to cover all their long tail populations across their emerging markets.
  • Expanded Service Offering: Regional specialist providers are able to deliver a wider and deeper range of last miles services as a result of stronger in-country footprints and people on the ground.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Enhance data security and compliance by significantly reducing the number of subcontractors processing sensitive data by leveraging regional providers.
  • Simple Commercials and Accountability: Consolidated commercial contract and Services Level Agreement covering all emerging market locations.
  • Delivering leading HR tech to all employees: Ability to integrate with leading HCMs including Workday, SuccessFactors and Oracle HCM.
  • Reduce Time to Market: Efficient payroll setup leveraging 320+ local experts to effectively support your business.

Emerging Markets Payroll Locations

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